Urban Fantasy Promo – Summoning Spruce

Greetings Otherworld travelers, and welcome to our final promo of the week.  Today, we’ll be taking a visit to a beautiful iteration of the Pacific Northwest, and finding ourselves awash in magic in a tale that you won’t soon forget.  Read on to learn more about Summoning Spruce.

Author Ann Ornie has cracked the code to developing a honed, balanced urban fantasy that’s got touches of magical realism and whodunnit mysterious overtones.  In her first feature-length tale, Summoning Spruce, readers will soon learn that the author has a tremendous talent with her attention to detail and descriptions.  Ornie makes you feel like you’re a part of the journey just by immersing you into the world.  The characters and the places that she writes about feel fully-realized, almost as if they existed before the author committed them to page.  Their lives seem full and established, and you get a sense that they’ve got their own unwritten backstories, secrets, wants and desires, and it helps to breathe so much life into the tale.

In SUMMONING SPRUCE, Josephine Swell lives in a magical community pinched between forests healing from clear-cuts and a logging town gone-bust. Freshly dumped and back living with her brother and pot-smoking grandmother, Swell has accepted a job with The Row’s Council. It’s now her job to follow up on all illegal magics practiced within council territory. But when the body of a young woman is found inside the boundary of the Mayback Woods, the fragile treaty between those who protect the forest’s magic and loggers is tested. Swell must follow the trail of dark magic, to find the killer before the home she loves is cut to the ground.

While there’s certainly some darkness amidst the mystery surrounding the events of the story, it’s the beauty that shines through more often than not.  Summoning Spruce goes beyond just the pages of the book as well, showing readers that there is a possibility to see the magic all around them as well.  The book will have readers excitedly flipping through pages until the very end, and then hungry for more from Ornie once everything is wrapped up. Time will tell whether or not Ornie has more in store for Josephine, but you can thoroughly enjoy this tale on its own again and again.   Check out Summoning Spruce on Amazon today!

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