Urban Fantasy Promo – Pillars (Madeline’s Magic Book 1)

Greetings fantasy fans, and welcome to our second promo of the week.  It’s going to be a busy week for certain, but we’ve got all sorts of different books ready to excite and entertain you.  For our second stop in the Otherworld, we’re going to be looking at a debut fantasy in a series full of magic.  Read on to learn more about Pillars.

Author Claire Theriot Mestepey has set out to tell a heartfelt story in ways that you’ve never seen before in Pillars (Madeline’s Magic Book 1).  Mestepey tells her story through the lens of someone with similar experiences as her protagonist, and it’s one that we don’t often see.  Madeline’s journey begins like any other orphaned hero with the potential for magic, but with an interesting twist.  She’s been paralyzed from the waist down since birth.  It’s refreshing to see a twist on conventions, and a reminder that magic can come from anyone.  It’s balanced well, also; Madeline isn’t defined by her wheelchair.  It’s just a part of who she is.  The author’s focus is on her main character, interesting as she is, but she takes time to explain all about the magic that permeates her vision of our world as well.

Madeline Jourdain is starting a new life in New Orleans, Louisiana. Despite being paralyzed from the waist down, she has always been popular and smart, recently graduating from college. She has been blessed with adoring parents and friends who saw Madeline’s true self, beyond her disability. But deep down, Madeline longed for something she never knew she missed. With a touch of a welcoming hand, Madeline’s heart opens to find true love. With an opening of a book, Madeline discovers the magic lying dormant in her, as magic is reintroduced throughout the world. This fills Madeline’s heart with more possibilities but also more danger than she could ever have imagined. With help from witches, storm giants, and a Pixie named Charlie, Madeline learns about true love, magic, and even dragons.

Interesting, catching characters and world-beyond-our-own-building aren’t the only things that the author excels at either.  Mestepey’s prose reads like poetry in all the right places, moving things along from one string of interesting events to the next.  Pillars is a considerable story that readers will still enjoy at a brisk pace.  And even when it’s over, they’ll still be hungry for more from Mestepey.  With her talents on full display here, it’s easy to hope that readers won’t be left waiting long for more from Madeline and her friends.  Check out Pillars (Madeline’s Magic Book 1) on Amazon today!

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