Urban Fantasy Promo – House of Ravens: An Urban Fantasy (The Shadow Atlas)

Greetings Otherworld travelers.  We have a special treat for you today: the prelude for a story that is going to absolutely become one of your favorite urban fantasies.  If you’re into academy fantasies, you’ll love this dive into House of Ravens.

Jenny Sandiford has already set the tone in her wonderful Shadow Atlas series with The Initiate, but her prequel, House of Ravens, helps to explore the greater span of the world that she’s layered beneath our own.  There are attractive intricacies, an entire realm of magic that live beyond the pages of her original book, and this book serves well to shine some light on the shadows, while also inviting new questions into the fold.  Sandiford’s love for the genre is glowing, and it carries through into her work as well.  The author doesn’t just let her words sit idly atop the world, but uses them to paint beautiful pictures.

Something dark awoke inside him…

Sixteen-year-old Torin will be a shadow mage; it’s his destiny. But when he discovers his father’s legacy is built on lies and innocent blood, Torin’s eyes are opened to a dark new reality. And he wants no part of it.

But, in a cruel twist of fate, Torin manifests a rare Shadow Magic power—killing with the touch of his hand—and becomes a pawn for his father’s vengeance.

With blood on his hands and a future paved with death, Torin must make a choice—betray his father and do what is right, or take on his dark legacy and become the monster he’s been running from. . .

House of Ravens is a dark, coming of age, urban fantasy, and the captivating prequel to The Shadow Atlas series.

Sandiford plays with magic in fresh and interesting ways, and it permeates the story as well.  There’s a fair share of grit and grime in this dangerous world beneath our own, but the author offsets it with attractive scenes that make use of those shades of grey.  Her study of contemporary fantasy means that she excels at creating captivating scenes that really pop, interesting characters that are great fun to follow, and snappy chapters that whisk the reader forward into the next enticing event.  With the first book in the series already out, and the second book releasing this April, there has never been a better time to explore this prelude.  Check out House of Ravens: An Urban Fantasy (The Shadow Atlas) on Amazon today!

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Michael DeAngelo

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