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Greetings travelers.  Welcome to the final map we have for a majorly populated continent in the world of Tellest (for now…).  We are going to be looking at a continent called Algea today, which ha some interesting distinctions.  Most notably, this continent has the real-world kingdom that has inspired the mythology behind Golernus, or the kingdom of the gods.  In a lot of ways, there’s a basis of reality to the thought process, but it isn’t quite the paradise that people think is waiting for them after death.  But more on that in a bit.

Algea has four kingdoms, and we’ll start with the green one in the center, as that’s the one that we know of the most.  Golernus is the kingdom that the gods are known for, as it is the place that Mathias, the king of the gods, called home when he first appeared on Tellest.  Mathias was the first god that the dwarves of Algea discovered, and as such, he became a bit of a revered figure.  He climbed the cliffs that eventually led to his kingdom, and was responsible for the renaming of some of his most fervent supporters, the Godhand Dwarves.  Next, we have Floruna, in violet, which we haven’t explored very much at all, but this area has a link to the distant past in a lot of ways, as there are magical places therein which are populated by what appear to be dinosaurs—though they might be more closely related to dragons in the Tellest mythos.  Then, in the bluish color, we have Caimbra, which is where the few elves of the continent live.  Finally, in yellow, we have Atreya.  Because it is the biggest kingdom we see here, it’s the one I know just a bit more about than the others. We have a gnomish city in the northern portion of the kingdom, which we’ll talk about again soon.

Algea is fairly diverse ecologically, but it doesn’t much have any fearfully dangerous sort of terrain.  While some of the mountains in Algea have the propensity to be volcanic, there has not been a historical account of an eruption since Mathias appeared on the continent.  There are also a lack of swamps or bogs.  The southern area of the continent does sometimes get some colder weather, and in fact is the closest that any land mass gets to the great and unbound wilderness of the Frozen Abyss.

We’ve got two sneak peeks below, one of a character that we introduced in Quantum Quest, and the other being the city that she comes from.  First up, we have Gnoemi Barnes, essentially an arcane trickster who uses magic to steal things to her benefit.  She’s one of the oldest non-book characters we’ve worked with, as she was first explored in the Quantum Quest prototype, which only had twelve characters as of that iteration.  Gnoemi lives in the town of Lantegos, which is represented by a sort of starburst that you’ll see there in the second image.


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As we wrap up this final one of our mapped continents, I do have to remind you of a few things.  We are very likely looking at doing a sort of refresh with these maps in a few years time.  We’ll have new sigils to add to the mix, new characters that we would have introduced into the world, and other new surprises around every corner.  In addition to that, we have been evaluating looking at getting more city maps created.  Finally, just because we wrapped up with Algea here, that doesn’t mean that we’re wrapped up with this set.  We have one more little surprise to share.  You’ll see that one in mid-March, so be sure to swing back this way then.

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Michael DeAngelo

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