Urban Fantasy Promo – End of Normals (Books of Forsaken Futures 2)

Hello, dear travelers.  Welcome to a new stop to the Otherworld, though it is a place we’ve spent time before, and hope to again in the future.  Beautiful chaos is still in store for readers as they venture into the world and the mind of Shawn A Nichols, and discover just what kind of threads he pulls on in his grand tapestry.

Already having a hit with his first book, author Shawn Nichols continues to wow with the sequel in his Books of Forsaken Futures series.  In End of Normals, the author introduces new dangers and challenges for his cast, but he hits his stride, nailing the pacing and style that he’s become known for, and indeed, elevating the world that he’s created.  There continues to be an intensity to the conflicts, and Nichols leans into the insanity of everything that is going on.  With characters who are this dynamic and detailed, it’s easy for them to take center stage.  They have big personalities that shine a spotlight on them, even in the midst of all the crazy things unfolding.


It came to pass, that a moment of frustration would see the light give in to a demon. That in a single lack of restraint, that the world would change forever. That is the world Hale, the light magic type awoke to. One hundred years had passed since he lost control to Hayloskien. Now he must sort out the mess left for him in the wake of Hayloskien.

Nichols continues to enrich his world, too, and his adoration for what he’s built here is on full display.  The author is intensely fixated on delivering a great story, not just for the readers, but for the characters as well, and every chapter seems to construct more of a base for what’s to follow.  Certainly things wrap up where they should, but Nichols has plenty of pages left in him at this point, which should sate the appetites of many hungry readers.  If frenetic action, interesting revelations, and characters that drip with style are something that fans are looking for, the Books of Forsaken Futures are up there alley, and End of Normals, the second book in the series, is an excellent entry in it.  Check out End of Normals (Books of Forsaken Futures 2) on Amazon today!

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