Urban Fantasy Promo – Demon Breathing Down My Neck

Greetings Otherworld travelers.  We’re back today with the second of our promos of the week, and we’re taking a trip to a different version of our world.  It’s the perfect story to get you through that middle-of-the-week slump, so let’s dive in.  Read on to learn more about the demon that might be breathing down your neck.

Author Nick Mikel delights with their versions of angels and demons with very human qualities.  Demon Breathing Down My Neck is Mikel’s debut urban fantasy, and it is irreverent and gritty, but endlessly fun.  The book looks at the things that might be happening just in the shadows of the world we know, and it has some interesting explanations for things.  Part fantasy, part crime series, this tale has a lot riding on it to successfully entertain, but it does so throughout, and with what feels like ease.  This is due, in no small part, thanks to the wit and charm of its lead character, Stella Starwing, who Mikel brings to life in colorful ways.

Haunted houses are an angel’s day job. The monsters in the closet won’t get the kids on my watch. Not again. I don’t care if I’m the last angel on Earth, nothing will hurt them. Not. One. More. Time.

My first family to save here on Earth 3457. Different Earth with darker demons. The mom called us. Her baby’s dead. I have to find out what did it. Typical sick case. But something’s off with these kids.

The warrior angels look down on us house cleaners. We do the hard work on the ground. All they do is fly around in their fancy Silverwings. So out of touch with reality. Or are they not as stupid as they seem?

All across the versions of Earth, dark things keep haunting families. How are all these demons getting in the houses? Who’s planting them there and why?

Readers who like their contemporary fantasies to feel down to Earth even when they’re dealing with the divine will enjoy Demon Breathing Down My Neck.  It has a lot of charm and amusement despite the dire and dour events that transpire.  Mikel develops interesting characters that you want to spend time with.  This is only the first book in the Rainbow Angel Series, but another one will no doubt be here before you know it.  With that in mind, there’s no better time than now to dig into Mikel’s debut Urban Fantasy.  Check out Demon Breathing Down My Neck on Amazon today!

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Michael DeAngelo

Michael is the creator of the Tellest brand of fantasy novels and stories. He is actively seeking to expand the world of Tellest to be accessible to everyone.