Urban Fantasy Promo – Book 1: Fae or Foe?: The Cracklock Saga

Hello Otherworld travelers, and welcome to our first new world this week.  We’ve seen our fair share of portal fantasies and urban fantasies over the last few weeks, but it has been far too long since we spent time with faeriefolk.  That all changes today.  The question is, are the ones we’re about to visit Fae or Foe?

Author C A Deegan has honed his considerable storytelling talents within several dark fantasy anthologies, but he takes the reins of his own story in a magnificent series that just debuted this month.  In Book 1: Fae or Foe?: The Cracklock Saga, Deegan introduces us his concepts of the fae, and he wears his passion for his worldbuilding proudly.  Faery, the world of the magic folk, is rich with lore and magic, and it is ripe for further exploration.  Deegan leaves everything dripping with intrigue, and in every corner of the world, you’re left wanting more.

No one would want to kill a Faery, surely?

Jack Crackley wouldn’t; he has no time for make-believe. No decent teenager does. There are plenty of other things to worry about; his mum, jobs, school, the local bullies, not to mention some weird disease that’s affecting kids the world over.

However, things are never as they seem. Little eyes watch out for him whilst bigger ones seek him for their own ends. Jack will have to step up if both the Fae and our children are to stand a chance. And that’s a tall order when you have no idea who you really are…

Filled with dark mysteries, wonderful characters who you want to spend time with and learn more about, and a world that lives and breathes with magic and majesty, Fae or Foe is a triumphant debut.  As fully fledged as it is, readers will be eager for the story to continue.  Luckily, Deegan is already ripping and roaring toward an immense catalog, with four books already detailed and dated.  With that in mind, now is an excellent time to pick up the first book in this incredible series.  Check out Book 1: Fae or Foe?: The Cracklock Saga on Amazon today!

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Michael DeAngelo

Michael is the creator of the Tellest brand of fantasy novels and stories. He is actively seeking to expand the world of Tellest to be accessible to everyone.