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Last week, Tellest had the privilege of promoting the debut work of Levi Dwyer, a portal fantasy into a world of werebeasts called Winvar: The Conversion.  Now it’s time to go beyond the story and find out more about the storyteller.  Read on to learn more about Levi Dwyer.


Tellest: Greetings Levi!  I wanted to thank you for taking the time to give me and future readers some insight into your world.  You’re more than a writer—you have got a lot going on, from your fitness goals to your other creative pursuits, so I know we’re taking up some of that time.  I appreciate being able to draw back the curtain and learn more about you!

Levi Dwyer: Absolutely and thank you for this excellent opportunity.


T: I like to start off my interviews with a rather standard question.  What or who inspired you to create your story?

LD:  I have always loved fantasy books, especially ones involving magic or mythical beasts. I have read a lot of books, but no one told the stories I saw in my mind. So, I started writing my own instead.


T: If you had to make a comparison to another author who writes with the same style as you, who would you reference?  Do you have any storytellers who spoke to you more than others?

LD:  A couple authors I love are Christopher Paolini, Stephenie Meyer and J.R.R. Tolkien. I have many other favorites and like to think I am inspired by all of them in different ways.


T: Authoring a book can be a personal experience but refining it and setting in motion requires collaborative work.  How does your team look, and how have they helped you on your journey?

LD: Writing the book has been a one man show unfortunately and one of my own imagination. But I have amazing editors and a wonderful publisher that helped make this dream a reality. I couldn’t have done it without them.



T: You’ve no doubt had supporters on the back end who have cheered you on and helped prepare you for your undertaking.  Are there any shoutouts you’d like to make?

LD:  I would like to shoutout my mom Joni McCoy, my sister Jessica Dwyer and my fiancée Michelle Squires. All three made me into a better man and pushed me to be better everyday.


T: Your book follows a wide variety of shapeshifters and puts you into the mindset of what life like one of them might be like.  How do you think you were able to encapsulate that way of thinking?

LD: Well like I said before I have read about the usual werebeasts like werewolf and werebears, but I always wondered what a werebunny or werefly might come into effect. On top of that how a werebunny might even get along with a werewolf, which would be a natural enemy to it. I started studying animals and observing their mannerisms and adding in a few human traits too. Thereby creating a written form to my imagination.


T: What were some of the challenges you faced in your writing journey, whether it was crafting the story, or marketing it once you were done?

LD:  Biggest hurdle was creating believable characters and ones that the audience could relate to. I didn’t want a hero that starts strong and saves the day every time. I wanted someone that was forced to fight for what they had and makes mistakes win or lose.


T: When it comes to writing a character’s hurdles, is it difficult to see their failures?  Or are you steadfast in knowing that everything happens for a reason.

LD:  To be honest in some of the instances I incorporated my own failures and fears that I had as a child. I did that to make them relatable. For instances that I couldn’t incorporate about myself I used outside sources.


T: On the other hand, you’ve done a lot with your life already.  Publishing these stories is no small task, and you inspire people every day.  What would you say are your proudest accomplishments?

LD:  So far, my proudest accomplishment would be the book I wrote and published. I put a lot of myself into it and people seem to really connect with it. I never would have dreamed that people would love my writing or look to me asking when they can start the next book of the series.


T: When you’re writing, do you always feel like you’re in control of your characters’ fates, or is there some level of discovery that you’re making along the way, beside them?

LD:  I prefer to discover the future along with my characters in all of my books. Doing that makes it more exciting for me as an author and I can see it from the readers point of view too.


T: With that in mind, what were some of the biggest surprises you’ve encountered in your stories.  Have any of your characters completely caught you off guard with what they’ve done?

LD:  I wouldn’t say caught me off guard, but sometimes my imagination surprise even me. When I come up with a place or village, I see it from a far in my mind and enter it along with my character. Doing this I imagine what I would concentrate on in real life. Sometimes my vision is beautiful and other times it’s a little crazy.


T: You seem to be someone who has a very positive outlook on life.  What advice would you give to someone who might be struggling, creatively or otherwise?

LD:  Those that are struggling in in creative outlets, my answer is simple. Have two projects going at once. I write two books at once, this way if I have a writer’s block on the first book, I can switch to the other one until inspiration comes to me to finish the first book. To those struggling in finding positivity in life all I can say is everyone will have something to say about you but the only thing that matters is what you answer to. Keep your head up and be proud of your accomplishments no matter how big or small they may be.


T: Shapeshifter fantasy books are not all you’re known for.  When you’re not working on Winvar, what else does Levi Dwyer work on?

LD: I am currently finishing another book called Sky Surfers and I am a cosplayer on tiktok and Instagram. I cosplay as a red wolf and have a great time doing it spreading positive vibes to all. The world is dark enough and it’s our jobs to make it brighter for all. Also, I am a new father to a child that will be born around April of 2022 so I imagine that will be time consuming too. Very excited for the journeys I am embarking on.



T: Is Sky Surfers a sequel to Winvar, or is it another project entirely?  Winvar ends on a note that surely leads toward having a sequel.  Do you have anything you could share with readers on that, whether we’re talking about some non-spoilery descriptions of where the story would go, or when it might release?

LD:  Sky Surfers will be a whole new series and I will have the two book series as well as some other series to come. The Winvar series will continue on, and Henry will see just how hard hero life can be. Maybe even question the set path he has been on for centuries. Also, I hinted at dragons and magic but in the second book both will play a much larger role. I think you will be presently surprised with the surprises yet to come. As to a release date, that is unknown, but it will be next year at the earliest.


T: What can you tell readers and fans about Sky Surfers?

LD:  It’s a story about a sister and her brother who lose everything and are being hunted by the government. They are apart of a group of people called Sky Surfers  who with their abilities give the impression that they ride the air currents like a surfer rides the waves. Everything in their lives were great until a family member betrayed them and used the government to wipe them out and those that survived put into service. In this book you will follow them on their journey as they try to escape the city that is actively hunting them.


T: Levi, I wanted to thank you for spending your time letting me draw back the curtain and learn more about you and your stories.  It’s always refreshing to meet someone who is passionate about bringing new and exciting tales to readers.  If they wanted to learn more about you, where could they do so?

LD:  Absolutely and thank you for the opportunity. I’m happy to show others my thought process and answer a few questions. Anyone that wants to learn a few things about me, I’m an open book. Facebook, you can find me as Levi Dwyer. Instagram and tiktok, I’m listed as _winvar. Message me anytime, I love talking to fans.


Once again, I’d like to thank Levi for sharing his time, and the stories about how he came to write such interesting worlds.  It’s always phenomenal to hear about what drives someone, and it was great to see how this author came to create these tales.  Now that you’ve heard from the storyteller, it’s time to read the story.  Check out Winvar: The Conversion on Amazon today!

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