The Great Cathedral of Atalatha

General description

The Great Cathedral is located within Atalatha, among some of the northernmost structures.  Specifically, it is beside both the Museum of Wonders and the Great Library.

The Cathedral is a tall building with a sharply sloped roof.  Compared to the rest of the city, it appears quite foreboding and gothic.

Within the Cathedral, rows of pews lead to an altar, not unlike one of the temples in the city.  There are no effigies, however.  No symbols to the gods are apparent, and no statues are present.  It is typically dark, matching the deep tones of the wood outside.

Behind the Cathedral, Richard Lener’s cottage sits, fenced into the same lot.  A small stable also sits there, home to the massive horse, Ox.



Richard Lener had once been a cleric in Seramore, offering up his services to the people in an effort to help to offer prayer and reverence to the gods of Tellest.  As time went on, however, he learned that he didn’t fully endorse the polytheistic beliefs of the people of his congress.  He abandoned his city to try and find a more true purpose, and determined that he believed in a higher power.

His faith is not shared by many, and though he was given the means with which to build the Great Cathedral, very few people ever visit.  Almost nobody attends Richard’s services willingly.  In spite of this, he still holds a ceremony at least once every week.

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