Tellest Kickstarter, 2016

Hey there folks.  I’m so glad you could join us here today.  I don’t think I’ve ever had such good news to share, and I’m hoping that it only gets bigger and better as the month goes on.  We’re officially unveiling to the public that we are going to be conducting a new Kickstarter that will begin on August 15th and run for a month.  Our newsletter readers have known about this for a while, but you’re finally in on the scoop.


Tellest Legends: Kickstarter 2016


Tellest Legends

So, what exactly are we Kickstarting? In 2014, you helped us bring to life a collection of novellas that featured ancillary characters.  This brought them to the forefront and gave them a chance to shine like never before.  Since that Kickstarter, those characters and their stories have earned a lot of praise. It seemed like a waste to move away from that.  And so, on August 15th, we’re asking you to help us bring five more stories to life—sequels to the stories we created two years ago.  These characters are more than just heroes now—they’re legends.

But wait… there’s more!  In 2014, we were finding our feet, and a big part of the stretch goals you helped us achieve gave us some great supplemental material.  The plan for this year is to stretch into even more books.  That’s what we’re here for.  We want to give you great stories.  So for every $500 we raise past our initial goal, we’re ready to launch another book.  And you might be surprised to see how many we have.


A Special Deal

There’s never been a better time to be a Tellest newsletter subscriber.  Not only have they been privy to a preview of the Kickstarter for a few weeks, but they’ve also had a little extra time to partake in a great deal.

All the newsletter subscribers were given an opportunity to commit to being an early backer. That let’s us know what we’re tracking to open at, and shows us how much more we can afford to invest into our campaign.

The best news?  You can take part in this awesome deal too.  All you have to do is subscribe to the Tellest Newsletter before Monday, when another email blast will go out with the early backer submission form (and a preview of our campaign).  All you have to do is tell us you’re with us by Wednesday of next week.

Then, when our Kickstarter goes live, if you pledge at least $10 you’ll be given an extra copy of the Tales of Tellest ebooks—our big project from 2014—absolutely free. We figure, if you haven’t yet joined us, this gives you an excellent base to build off of. And if you’ve already been a fan for a while, you can indicate a friend or family member who you would like to share these fantasy tales with.


There really hasn’t ever been a better time to join the ranks and be a fan of Tellest.  With at least five more books on the horizon, our bookshelves are going to be plenty packed in upcoming months. We look forward to bringing you great new content for years to come!

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