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Greetings, travelers.  Welcome back to another post that has to do with the great sigils of Tellest.  Today we’re back looking at sigils from the world in Saveon, and we’ll be looking at a rhinotaur city of great renown.  It is also perhaps the biggest rhinotaur city in the world, so it’ll be fun to dive in a bit deeper.  Let’s get into it and find out more about the city of Theria.

Theria is a place that we haven’t seen up close and personal yet, but we do know of some of our characters who hail from there.  All three of them were introduced in Quantum Quest, with the first two, Lannis Jarl and Noth Vox, coming from our first set, while Roka Berasia once hailed from Theria and was introduced in the Reinforcements set.  Folks from all walks of life come from Theria, which is a big, beautiful city that sits along the northeastern coast of Saveon.  This sprawling city is giant, and while they don’t often travel by sea or have a powerful navy, their city can be easily seen from the sea, especially their immense building to their god, Cerox.  Though no one knows for sure anymore, it is suggested that he was the inspiration for the sigil.

You don’t get to be the biggest and best by being last (usually).  Theria has been around for a while, having found a place where they can make trade with other kingdoms, spread out as much as they need to, and fend off anyone who tries to take their land.  As such, some of their sigils are showing their age somewhat, so it’s not unlikely to see the image of the rhinotaur get some nicks and chips, especially when they’re seen on the ground.  It’s not easy to persist under the weight of the heavy citizens!

We mentioned that Theria is on the coast, but also that they’re not typically known for their naval prowess.  We also mentioned the weight of these massive people, so when you put two and two together, you might see why their not quite known for their presence aboard ships.  That said, there’s still plenty of reason to wave their banners high.  The flag of Theria hangs from some of their tallest buildings (no idea how they managed to get them safely up there, however), and it’s also been known to be present upon pilgrimages from citizens who have left the city some time ago.

The painted version of the sigil is probably used a little less these days, just because it’s a little unwieldy being a rhinotaur and trying to paint with your hands.  But there are likely still some artisans within the city who take it seriously, and work their talents despite whatever might get in their way.  The painstaking process of getting everything right, and knowing that over time wear and tear will present itself might make it seem like a waste of time, but there also might be no better way to honor the gods, Cerox first among them.

As always, we leave you with one final picture: the phone background.  I hope you enjoy it!

That will be it for today, but as you can likely tell by now, we’ve still got plenty of sigils that we’re planning on bringing your way.  We love fleshing this world out, and bringing forth more life from all corners of it!

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