Fantasy Promo – The Chronicles of Atlen: The Butcher of the Eternal Forest

Greetings travelers!  We are in for a wonderful time in the Otherworld this week, starting with a fantasy of epic proportions today.  We’re hitting cozy weather season, so it’s the perfect time to take your favorite seat, and find a new book to dive into.  Read on to find out of The Chronicles of Atlen: The Butcher of the Eternal Forest could be your new favorite.

Take one look at J.A. Bergloff’s The Chronicles of Atlen: The Butcher of the Eternal Forest, and you’ll see that the author has an immense respect for both the genre, and the world they’ve built.  There is wonderful lore to find in the sturdy volume, with bits of history shining through to the events of the present day adventure.  Indeed, some of the characters are presented with grand spectacle, and readers will get a sense that there is a tremendous amount of magic and majesty that lives in Atlen, and beyond.  It’s because of this that Bergloff’s world becomes so immersive and inviting.

The kingdom of Atlen is facing an unprecedented threat as the forces of a mysterious enemy surges across their northern shores. The King has sent all his Ire and every willing, able-bodied person north to fend off this attempted invasion. This has left their lands vulnerable and settlement’s little more than ghost towns. With the King’s Ire unable to protect Atlen, Gjallarhorn has been blown and the Kalla Apex has been summoned.

As the Fenrir gather their strength and prepare their wolves to march to war, a string of unsettling occurrences has taken place across the land. The younglings and people who’ve remained behind, have begun to vanish without a trace. Many more have gone in search only to end up being counted among the missing. Others whisper that the dwellers of the Forest are responsible, but alarmingly the Nymph’s have ceased contact with the outside world. And now, this once lively forest has become silent as the grave.

After completing his trials and achieving a nearly impossible rank amongst his order, the newest member of the King’s Ire returns home to find his country in turmoil. Without hesitation, he sets off on a daunting mission and along the way, his old instructor – a legendary Phoenix-bearer – joins him on his quest. Together they make a vow to put an end to the haunting silence that has shrouded the Eternal Forest in fear and mystery.

With danger lurking around every corner and darkness closing in on them from all directions, can the brave souls who venture into Rillion find the missing before it’s too late? Or will the kingdom be sacrificed to the ever-encroaching shadows? Only time will tell. But whatever happens, the fate of Atlen hangs in the balance as Gjallarhorn heralds a new war and the Kalla Apex looks to claim its due.

Will they have the strength to survive or will they succumb to the oncoming darkness? A question that not even the gods can answer. Follow our tale as it is witnessed from several intertwining perspectives throughout these vast lands and beyond, these are…The Chronicles of Atlen.

Bergloff’s novel flows at a wonderful pace, as the cadence fluctuates from an interesting build on the story to the interesting interactions between the characters.  The author balances more poetic prose with dynamic dialog, from noble airs to gutter speak.  The variety therein certainly leads readers to race through the story, despite its heft, enjoying it throughout.  By the last page, they’ll hunger for more to come, and Bergloff seems more than poised to deliver.  Check out The Chronicles of Atlen: The Butcher of the Eternal Forest on Amazon today!

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