Sigil Art – Skar’dell

Greetings, travelers.  Welcome back to another look at one of Tellest’s sigils.  The one that we’re looking at today is by far one of the most abstract ones that you’ll see.  Most surprising of all is probably the fact that it is home to a sect of trolls on Draconis.  Today we’re looking at Skar’dell, a troll refuge in Cefen’adiel.  We first ran into Skar’dell in Heart of the Forest, and we’ll certainly be seeing it—or at least representatives from there—in future stories.  In fact, one has already been written and tucked away, as it requires the sequel to Heart of the Forest to release before we can make too many reveals.  But in any case, what we have here for Skar’dell is a very particular sigil in that upon first glance, you might not recognize it as a cave flanked by a pair of trees.  The fuchsia field is a peculiar choice as well, though no one is going to tell Erzar, their leader anything one way or the other.

Of all the cities and settlements that we’ve taken a look at throughout the years, Skar’dell is one of the newest ones.  Certainly Heart of the Forest takes place just a bit in the past, all things considered, but not by much.  And as the trolls of the area needed a home, they found it in the caverns along the Dragonsbane Mountains along the western side of Daltain and Cefen’adiel.  There might be some paint on the walls, but it’s very unlikely that it would have been battered enough to show a sort of chipped paint look like we have here.  Then again, Erzar and some of his ilk are mighty trolls that are pretty heavy-handed, so perhaps there is a chance…

There’s a bit of an interesting duality when it comes to the trolls of Skar’dell.  They’re incredibly powerful, especially when they stand together, but they’re also smart enough to know that even they could be overwhelmed if they are found before they are settled properly.  To that end, it might have been some time before the first banners were strung up showing their new sigil.  And even then, as they attempted to remain clandestine to a point, it’s likely that nothing marked their home in any great proximity.  That said, when it is time to come to war, it certainly may not be long before people learn to fear the strange abstract symbols that show up on those bright pink banners.

More than anything, I believe we would see the sigil of Skar’dell emblazoned in caves in the western end of Daltain.  While the trolls definitely seemed amenable to peaceful life among the other inhabitants of the forest, there are likely to be many tunnels through the mountains that they could use to their benefit, and that’s to say nothing of the corridors they bore through themselves.  Their sigil makes for a very quick way of identifying what belongs to them, and warns others not to try and take resources that exist too close to the mighty trolls.

As is always the case, we leave you with one final picture: the phone background.  I hope you enjoy it!

We’ll be looking at the sigil not of a city or a settlement, but of a guild next time around, so we’ll see you in a few weeks for that!

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Michael DeAngelo

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