Sigil Art – Kerogane

Greetings travelers.  We’re back looking at one of the cities of Tellest, and to their sigil.

Kerogane is a lagano city in southwestern Lustra, which we’ve actually spent some time in, thanks to Aaron Canton’s story The Tale of the Lagano Priestess.  The majority of the citizens of Kerogane pray to Hakar, the salamander god which is emblazoned on the black field of their sigil, which you can see below.  Though Kerogane was introduced in story form in that tale, it had been used internally in Tellest for years before, in the collectable game prototype that would have preceded TowerSphere.  We’ll be working on adjusting accordingly.

As far as the lagano go, Kerogane is one of the race’s longest-standing cities.  Because of its history, and its presence in the somewhat tropical biome it is a part of, many of the earliest forms of the sigil have fallen into disrepair.  It also doesn’t help that this city has a lot of infighting between priests and priestesses who claim to hear the word of their god.  Bloodshed has been spilled plenty of times before, sometimes to the detriment of the buildings in the city.

Though Kerogane is a bit farther away from the coast, there are some rivers and lakes nearby. Though full ships are not out the question in getting to the coast, it would be likely that they would have smaller crafts with their tapestries upon it.  This would be especially true if they wanted to ward people away from the waters, as they are just as sacred as their fire-breathing god. As a very religious city, it would also stand to reason that the emblem of Hakar would fly upon temples and shrines in Kerogane.

Though the sigil might travel far and wide, and has existed for a long while, the citizens of Kerogane have much pride, especially in their salamander god.  They would place their sigil to the Hakar everywhere.  Black and gold banners would hang from plenty of buildings, and the surfaces—often gold or yellow thanks to the material they use in their construction–would often have the black squares painted about them to immortalize Hakar.

As always, we leave you with one final picture: the phone background.  I hope you enjoy it!

We have still got plenty of sigil goodies to come, and they might take us through the end of 2025, and beyond!  Thanks to Francois for constantly delivering awesome content to us.  We’re so excited to keep showing off his great work!

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