Concept Art – Atalatha Arena

Greetings, travelers!  We’ve got a fun little treat for you today, as we look at one of first in-city concept art pieces since… Well, it’s been a very long time.

Today, we’re looking at the inside of Atalatha, specifically at the great coliseum therein.  This coliseum, owned and operated by Allan Mayheyre, has always been a very popular place for people to visit, but in recent times, with the advent of TowerSphere, it has become even more important to the culture of the city, and indeed, much of the world at this point.  Since the coliseum was the place that the game was first unveiled, we knew that we wanted to put on a focus on that, and we recruited Wern, who was already working on the characters who would fight within its walls, to bring it to life.  You can see from the original sketch that we went with a round building, though it could quite possibly be elongated.  For our purposes, the round version works fine.  We also had a tremendous statue beside the entrance, though in its initial presentation, it sort of looked a bit like a spartan warrior.


Our next iteration of the image adjusts some things, giving a much grander scope of the city and the walls along its border.  It brings us all the way to the mountains in the distance, though we determined that they needed to be a little bit farther away.  We also had the statue changed to better reflect the owner of the coliseum.  A young Allan Mayheyre is presented there, and gives us our first ever glimpse of what he might have looked like when he was known for some of his greatest exploits in heroism.



We changed a few things in the next iteration, but the most noticeable one was stretching how far the mountains moved into the distance.  Our knight has a change in footwear as well.



We added some distant buildings in Atalatha, trying to do our best to make sure that people know that the city is humongous.  While there are certainly buildings closer to the coliseum, they should stretch on for quite some distance.  Wern captured this expertly.



Now, that about wraps us up for today, but we have more concept pieces for TowerSphere arenas that we are going to be looking at in the future.  Keep your eyes peeled for those, and plenty of our other art Wednesday releases!

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