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Greetings travelers.  We’re keeping the sci-fi times rolling in 2024, only this time we’re traveling across the breadth of our solar system in Vermilion Flames, a book that explores what life looks like in the time long after Earth is no longer inhabitable.  If that stokes your interest, read on to learn more about Vermilion Flames.

Author Adam Fernandez takes readers on a journey across moons and planets in his terrific debut of Vermilion Flames: Midnight War: Book I.  It is an interesting juxtaposition between science and fate, and the author tackles it with deep respect for both ends of the spectrum, never allowing this wonderful story to feel schlocky.  Building a foundation with which to stack characters from the republic or the rebel forces, Fernandez is able to tackle pathos and ethos in captivating ways.  Indeed, readers will be drawn to the characters throughout the story, eager to see if they can reach their goals or come to terms with their failures.  And though there are some events that would paint members of the cast as villains, things are never quite so black and white.

In the pursuit of progress, how much of your soul are you willing to sacrifice?

In the shadow of a ruined Earth, the Republic and its church claim to offer safety and security while burning ideas and people alike. No moon or planet is free of flames and bloodshed, even as the rebel organization, the Vermilion Coalition, seeks to dismantle the Republic’s oppressive regime.

On a terraformed Mercury, Kaya al Vardan hopes to find the truth behind her mother’s murder; a difficult task when everyone insists it was a tragic accident. When Kaya’s adventurous spirit leads her into the forbidden Great Desert, she’s sent to the Republic’s capital on Mars to study under the watchful eye of the all-powerful church she despises. There she unravels mysteries about her mother’s life and faces a choice: fall in line or risk everything to take up her mother’s mantle.

Silas Beckett, High Commander of the Pandora Fleet and hero of the Republic, can feel his time running out. Fighting terrorists has been his life’s mission, but his nemesis Hex—leader of the Vermilion Coalition—still eludes him. As his failures mount and his allies abandon him, he has few chances left to bring Hex to justice. Can Silas secure peace for his family and for the entire solar system?

Vermilion Flames is the first book in the Midnight War series, an action-filled epic set long after the destruction of Earth.

With enchanting prose, characters worth rooting for—or at least worth following—and enough interesting twists and turns to keep readers on their toes, Vermilion Flames is a tremendous debut for author Adam Fernandez.  Even were it not for the events unraveling around the universe, the author ensures that it is an interesting journey.  This far into the future, everything has had time to live and breathe, and there is lore scattered across our solar system that readers will feel immersed within.  If this deft balancing act by a talented debut author strikes you as an adventure you’d like to join, don’t hesitate.  Check out Vermilion Flames: Midnight War: Book I on Amazon today!
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