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Greeting travelers, and welcome to another stop in the Otherworld.  We began the week on our planet, but today we’re blasting off, with a sci-fi action adventure that you’ll agree has tremendous potential.  If you’ve been holding out for a thrilling alien invasion story, you simply must read on and learn more about The Hadrian Prophecy.

Just flip through the first few pages of The Hadrian Prophecy, and you’ll learn that author Luis A. Colon has a passion for storytelling that is exciting and expressive.  A lifetime of storytelling has culminated into this first published book for the author, and it reads very much like the work of a veteran who has honed their craft.  The Hadrian Prophecy is descriptive without being overly flowery or dragging on with long bits of exposition.  It’s exhilarating, but without feeling like a hollow action-fest.  And its heartfelt without being sappy.   You can feel the richness of the worlds that Colon develops, and the lore and mythology that exists below the service.  One of the things that will captivate readers the most, however, are the stellar characters that the author has written that they will want to root for.

In “The Hadrian Prophecy,” a young woman named Anna is thrust into a dangerous battle to save Earth from an alien invasion. When Anna receives a mysterious box containing a powerful ring, she discovers that she and her father are not human, but aliens from a planet called Eldron. Meanwhile, a ruthless alien empress named Aella is searching for an Eldronian baby who is prophesied to overthrow her rule.

As Anna tries to unlock the secrets of the ring, she attracts the attention of a vicious alien named Grizel, who is on a mission to find “The Gèrye.” With the help of a conflicted black ops agent named Frank, Anna must use the ring’s powers to track down and defeat Grizel before it’s too late. But as the Hadrian fleet invades Earth, Anna realizes that she is the key to fulfilling the prophecy and stopping Aella’s plans for domination.

With heart-pumping action and thrilling twists and turns, “The Hadrian Prophecy” is a gripping sci-fi adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Will Anna rise up to her destiny and save Earth, or will she be the last Hadrian to fall victim to Aella’s wrath? Don’t miss this epic battle for the fate of the universe!

The Hadrian Prophecy keeps readers engaged, captivated, and in suspense throughout the length of the story.  It’s action-packed, clever, and fast-paced.  It’s also introspective at times, and does a wonderful job of balancing against the menace of a frightening invasion.  Fans of the genre will have a hard time putting this book down.  And though the words “The End” are plastered on the final page, it does seem to hint that Colon has more in store for his readers, and a whole galaxy of possibilities out there.  Check out The Hadrian Prophecy, by Luis A. Colon, on Amazon today!

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