Sci-Fi Promo – Full Metal Exosuits — The Crimson Dragon : The Battle for Revenge and Redemption in a World of Magic and Mecha

Greetings, travelers!  Sometimes, when you’re looking for your next big fantasy or science fiction story that you want to dive into, it lands right in your lap.  And that’s especially true today if you’re someone who is looking for a bit of both.  Read on to learn more about Full Metal Exosuits — The Crimson Dragon.

Author Joseph Fredrickson wears his love for science fiction fantasy on his sleeve with the first book of his Full Metal Exosuits series, Crimson Dragon.  With a bit of magic, and a lot of mechanized suits that empower their users, there’s a bit of everything for speculative fiction fans here.  Frederickson ties it all together with great, consistent writing, and he invokes the feeling he is going for right from the front cover.  His world is rich with detail, and captivating for those who dive beneath the surface, but at its crux are the characters and the ties that bind them.  The author certainly gives them their chance to shine, assigning them interesting traits, and charging them with emotion.

Embark on a Journey Beyond Power and Redemption

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In the intricate web of loyalty and treachery, Jaygo Yen Kale stands poised between two worlds. As childhood friendships morph into vendettas and the ghosts of the past chase the hopes of the future, one question looms large: how far will one go for vengeance?

Join Jaygo on his odyssey—where alliances are fleeting, battles pulse with energy, and love offers a glimmer of hope in the darkest hours. Power clashes, mechs roar, and an empire’s fate balances on a knife’s edge. With every turn, the Leviathan Company unveils layers of valor, treachery, and camaraderie.

In a realm where the very essence of combat, Ti, shapes destinies, you’ll witness spectacular transformations, heartfelt reconciliations, and moments that will make your heart race. But remember, in war, not everything is as it seems. Every act, every chapter, is a step closer to an unexpected destiny.

Dive deep into a saga where the next battle might just be the heart’s innermost demons. Get ready. The Crimson Dragon awaits.

🛡️✨ Discover the power of Ti, experience the weight of revenge, and feel the warmth of true connection. A tale of war, growth, and love, one that’s worth every cent. Grab your copy now for just $0.99! ✨🐉

Where loyalties fray, may the Crimson Dragon find its way.

The Crimson Dragon is a story that moves quickly.  Though it is of formidable size, the events crack on one after another, Fredrickson always ensuring there’s some new revelation to carry the weight of the growing world lore and mythology along.  It takes a careful balance to ensure that neither the world nor the characters overshadow one another, and that task is met head on.  The author is passionate and persistent, delivering stories that connect and immerse readers.  There will no doubt be more Full Metal Exosuits on the way, so there’s no better time than now to suit up.  Check out Full Metal Exosuits — The Crimson Dragon : The Battle for Revenge and Redemption in a World of Magic and Mecha on Amazon today!

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