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Greetings, Otherworld travelers!  We’re once again on Earth today, but we’re looking at the kind of heart-thumping, terrifying thrill ride of a story that you only get once in a while.  And if those are the sort of things that you live for in your books, I do think you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise.  Read on to learn more about Dissonance: Volume I: Reality.

While a traditional science fiction story can still be plenty entertaining, there’s something about a decent hook, presented early on, which can really turn a reader into a fan.  So it is with author Aaron Ryan’s new book, Dissonance: Volume I: Reality.  This sci-fi, set in a dystopian world and abound with militaristic survivors, has some resemblance to some of your favorite sci-fi stories, from Alien, to A Quiet Place, and even Jurassic Park.  It’s a tale of invasion, by monsters who the author has carved out with interesting lore, and explored enough of a history for that we pick up years after they’ve arrived to eradicate humanity.  There is ominous terror waiting around every corner, and it is quiet and surprising as the author unveils the narrative.

Plug your ears. Don’t look.

The war for humanity has begun.

Cameron “Jet” Shipley was there when they arrived in 2026. He, and everyone else, lived through the next decade and a half, learning to hide. Learning to never make a sound. Learning the most important rule of all:

You just…don’t…look.

The year is now 2042, and humanity is eking out an existence in the shadows. Cameron and his team are sent out on a recon mission in Clarksville Tennessee, with events and developments that may alter the trajectory of Earth’s fate…and his own.

Joined by newcomers Bassett and Trudy, Cameron and his brother Rut will have to contend with a powerful force that has laid waste to the planet and annihilated over eighty-five percent of civilization.

Will Jet’s expeditions lead him on a slippery slope of discovery that demands accountability and answers?

Or will it plunge the earth, and everything in it, into further dissonance?

“Aliens” meets “A Quiet Place” in this dystopian sci-fi thriller series.

Ryan also does something about the presentation of these cosmic foes.  Rather than keep them in the shadows, only unveiling them in the last third of the story, he sets the light on them from the beginning, introducing us to the creatures to let us know the horrors they can unleash, and the way they move and sound.  While the creatures are very interesting, the author doesn’t leave the human cast in the darkness.  There are some interesting bits of development, fun relationships to watch evolve, and surprises to be on watch for.  With two more stories coming before long, now is a great time to learn about the Gorgons, and fight for what remains of Earth.  Check out Dissonance: Volume I: Reality on Amazon today.

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