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Hello there folks.  We’re so happy to say that we’re going out this week with a bang.  Before we hit radio silence from the Otherworld, we’re going to bring you one last awesome piece of work from an incredibly talented storyteller.

In a dark and gritty future, Terminal Dark, the work of David Fraser, easily earns its title.  This isn’t the kind of graphic novel you want to read alone in the dark if you don’t want to be on edge.  The images on every page are as gloomy as they are beautiful, and you won’t be able to put it down once you pick up this tale.

Front cover of the graphic novel Terminal Dark © David Fraser all rights reserved

Front cover of the graphic novel Terminal Dark © David Fraser all rights reserved


2093 AD: Mankind has achieved artificial telepathy by connecting human minds to the internet. Thoughts can be transmitted from one brain to another, memories uploaded, and machines controlled just by thinking. All mankind is connected by a vast neural network…

Into this strange future world comes a serial killer with seemingly supernatural powers. It stalks with impossible stealth, and slays without mercy. On replaying the victims’ final memories, the police discover the killer is a savage new species that could wipe out all human life.

As three detectives race to solve a puzzle of gruesome clues, they discover the mystery behind Terminal Dark is far more disturbing than they ever imagined…

Terminal Dark is a gritty, epic sci-fi thriller set in a world of corporate hitmen, corrupt politicians, and feuding cops…All of whom are being stalked by an unimaginable horror, lurking in the shadows…

Featuring 124 pages of fully painted artwork, every illustration in Terminal Dark springs to life with the kind of texture and detail normally reserved for cover art alone.

Read the first 10 pages for free! Just click on ‘Send a free sample’, on the right-hand side of the Amazon sales page!

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By the end of the 10 page sample, you’ll be hooked, that much is sure.  The blurb above doesn’t do the work justice either.  Terminal Dark is clearly the work of someone who has passion for storytelling, artistic design and world building.  Don’t pass up your opportunity to pick up Terminal Dark on Amazon today!

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