Quantum Quest Torture Chambers – Final Preview

Good day to you, questers.  We return for our third and final sneak peek (at least until we go live with our Kickstarter) for the Torture Chambers exclusive bonus for our Quantum Quest expansion.  Let’s dive right into it.

War Golem Foundry

In much the same way we ended up using the Chronolord because of art that Sergei gave us for Merge Dungeon, the war golem you see in this art came from that game as well.  We figured a worthy upgrade to the stone golems we had in the original set was a metal golem, and it just played very well with what we had.  We actually had an alternate version of the war golem, which we’ll perhaps show off as a part of the Kickstarter when it comes time.

Disintegration Field

Disintegration Ray was one of those cards that was gentle, and we sort of liked that it was that way.  Even though these are torture chambers, we didn’t want to go too crazy with the changes.  Instead, we just added a qualifier where, if the adventurer this card damages dies, the party’s trip through the dungeon continues.  Any time you might trigger additional chambers is risky, after all!

Plague Rat Den

Our lowest damage chamber from the original set also gets a new upgrade.  Changing our rats to plague rats was an easy enough aesthetic change (and again, we pulled from our Merge Dungeon game for inspiration).  We also just added a point of damage, and increased the mana cost to make it competitive with other cards in this set.

Red Dragon’s Lair

The Red Dragon joins Quantum Quest’s heavy hitters, standing tall enough to eat some of our adventurers in one bite.  With a qualifying mechanic that allows the chamber to deal up to five damage to an adventurer, this one is no joke.  And of course, even if the player does have the prerequisite to avoid the extra damage, they still take three.  It’s pretty rough!


Well, that’s going to be it for us for now.  We’re still working on getting the Kickstarter together, so keep your eyes peeled for that.  If you’re looking to stay updated, you can subscribe to the Black Furnace Games mailing list here.

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