Character Art – Maximus Xanders

Hello folks, and welcome to a new character piece by Wern Szuen Lee.  I’m very excited to show off a new version of Maximus Xanders that brings him into the world in a bit more of a fresh way, aging him up just a bit more from his stint in Stealing Seramore, so that we can see what has been going on in his life since the tragic and heroic events of that story.

First and foremost, what you’ll likely notice is that we leaned into his tinkering and his inventions a little bit more.  He’s once again got a clockwork mouse at hand (or shoulder, as it were), but he’s also got two other items: a peculiar claw like device, and a strange monocle.

There really wasn’t anything too crazy that we needed Wern to adjust from his earlier takes.  We just wanted to focus on polishing what we already had.  We changed the shirt just because we didn’t want it to look like he was going in for an interview.  As Wern will typically do, he worked on cleaning things up from the top down.

A little more polish had everything from the waist up looking great.  Wern made all three of the artifacts at Maximus’s disposal really pop, and he also gave him a very nice pendant that he wears on his vest in remembrance of Charcoal.

By the way, the two tools I mentioned earlier?  They help him with things nearby and far away.  The claw can essentially extend to help him grab items, and the monocle allows him to magnify his vision to an incredible degree.  These are both great for tinkering and creating new inventions!

We’ve arrived at the final version of our most famous tinker.  Wern did such a wonderful job of bringing Maximus to life, and I could not be happier with how he looks in this new iteration.  It’s going to be great to get back to telling his story, and now I can picture him looking the part of the young adventurer.

You can bet that this won’t be the last that we’ve collaborated with Wern, not by a long shot.  We’ll have more for you in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!

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