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Good day all you Tellest fans and Quantum Questers!

We have a fun treat for you today.  We’ve already shown off the cover art of the Quantum Quest expansion on the Kickstarter for the original game, but what we didn’t show off was the process to make it as awesome as it is.  Well, we can change that right now!

We gave Leo the four characters that were going to be getting the star treatment (as well as the new headliner background) and he gave us a rough sketch.  We could already tell we were going to love what we were working with.

A little more detail made everything pop that much more.  The magic effects look even cooler, and our two ranged adventurers look ready to throw down with the best of them.

Here you have the full piece.  Leo truly outdid himself here, and we were blown away by his work.  We’re very excited to show off more from this game over the next few months, so keep an eye out!

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