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It’s been a pretty long time since we talked Quantum Quest.  Just six months ago we funded the game, and of course, it’s available to purchase now as well.

One of the things that you won’t be able to get from that link is a special exclusive set of adventurers that you can only get from us directly at conventions (or back when the kickstarter funded).  Today, we’ll show you the 18 Old World Legends that added a little pizzazz to our first ever tabletop game.

As you’ll see, each of the Old World Legends characters are heroes of myths, fairy tales and legends from Earth.  How they managed to cross over to the living dungeon is mere speculation for now, but they make for great allies.  Each of them has an ability of sorts, making them very valuable.  Our first adventurer is the one and only Aladdin, complete with the genie who grants him wishes.  That wish, in our game, is limited to determining who starts the game, but that’s only because of how small our real estate is on these cards!

Hailing from Greek mythology, Arachne leans into the whole spiders and their webs thing.  She can really make it a pain for other player parties if she lands alongside them, but only if she’s lucky.

One of my favorites, Blackbeard has his flaming beard and everything in this rendition.  Since he’s a pirate, we wanted to lean on a little bit of thieving skills, so if he lands on another player party, he can steal a mana from them if he rolls well.

Probably my favorite art from the set, Chiron gives a one-time mana draw, and has a decent health pool to lean on.

Dhanvantari is extra good at the heals.  He gets a bonus negate damage token if a player should be lucky enough to draw him.

The Lord of the Underworld, Hades, represents by having the power of life and death in his hands.  His ability can be pretty game-changing if used correctly.

On the other hand, the most powerful warrior we’ve seen thus far, Hercules has enough health to take on any of the gods and stand a fighting chance.

Heading over to Egypt, we see Isis here as one of the healthiest clerics we’ve had, and she has the ability to drain her own health to heal her allies.

She’s squishy, but Lilith is a powerful cleric.  She makes mage rooms more attainable, so if you can coordinate with a mage, you get a huge boost to productivity.

Showing off our first Norse god, we have the Trickster Loki, who can take the form of another adventurer when he’s drawn.

Medusa was one of our two kickstarter-backer-voted adventurers.  We leaned on her as a healer more than a warrior, and we implied that she used her petrification magic to heal while losing a turn.

Here’s another one everyone should know.  Merlin makes his Quantum Quest debut and has some interesting mobility that can help you make an attempt at a chamber you want to purchase, or avoid the ones you don’t.

Our Roman goddess, Minerva knows that pain equals wisdom, and is sometimes willing to take damage to inflate her player’s mana pool.

Morrigan is another of my favorites.  She has a pretty cool power, though she’s as squishy as the other magi in this set.

Odin was the other adventurer that was voted to the top of our list during our Kickstarter.  He’s got a unique talent that so far only affects a few of the chambers across our sets, but that could change in time.  Who knows, Odin could be a game-breaker five or six expansions from now!

Robin Hood is another one that everyone should know.  The Prince of Thieves is all about balance, which is a nice rubberband effect for a player that might be on the losing end of things.

Odin’s very own son and Loki’s brother is yet another of our adventurers from this set.  Thor is all about pushing on when there’s trouble.  He’s good to have in your team if you don’t want to lose any turns.

Last but not least, we have the very giving Zhang Guolao.  He’s a good tank with low health, but if he succumbs to the dangers of the dungeon, the rest of the party get a bonus health.


That’s it for our bonus cards from the Quantum Quest Kickstarter edition.  Remember, you can’t get these online.  We sell them in the exclusive edition at the conventions that we attend, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled to this website for news about the next one we’ll be attending.

If you just can’t wait and you want to get your hands on the standard edition, Quantum Quest is for sale on The Gamecrafter now.

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