Quantum Quest Backgrounds

Hey there folks!  We’ve got a pretty cool treat for you today, in the form of the backgrounds for our upcoming tabletop game.  All of our characters have a beautiful background behind them, courtesy of our excellent sprite artist, Sergei Churbanov.  Finally, you get to see them all!



Our macdaddy is the dungeon.  It’s where all the fun stuff is happening, and where you’ll see most of our characters.

Because this piece was so important, it was the only one that Sergei started off by hand.  I’ve got commend him for that.  That kind of attention to detail is part of what made the final piece look so great.

Once he put it into sprite form (effortlessly, I might add), it popped just about right away.

One more version was added for some adjustments, mostly to lighting, although some assets moved a little bit here and there.



Following the dungeon, we also had seven additional backgrounds commissioned to put our characters in.  First up was the forest.

Here we have a pretty harmless looking forest.  This one has a nice road that goes through it, so it’s perfect for traveling.  Down the line, if the first edition of Quantum Quest goes well, we’d love to make additional versions of landscapes to help breathe new life into the game.

Sergei also gave us an awesome version of the forest with a nice fog layer.  It definitely adds to the cards when you use this one!



We wanted a rugged kind of landscape as well, so we chose something with a lot of mountains.

Sergei delivered this awesome background that we used a lot in our first set.  With so many different races involved, we knew we could put this kind of art to good use.



This one is definitely one of my favorite ones from the whole set.  It’s not too often that you see a savanna in an RPG, and Sergei did an awesome job with it.  We use it a lot for our gnolls and rhinotaurs.


Snowy Forest

We don’t have too many alternate looks at everything yet, but Sergei did offer us a snowy version of a forest.

This came in handy with some of our anthropomorphic races (like the kaja and the kobolds).  I did some cool edits here and there where it looks like our characters are ankle deep in the snow… though there’s no prints behind them, so it was like they were just plopped down there. Oh well!



The swamp was another one that Sergei took special care to get right, and it turned out awesome.

This is the only other one besides the dungeon where I saw things this early in the process.  I liked what I saw already at that point, and Sergei just crushed it in the final.

This may be my other favorite from the set.  I love the little flames in the water, and the little islands.  This wouldn’t work in a typical side scroller without some serious tweaks, but for Quantum Quest, it just worked out so well!



Our final background is a little bit more domestic than the other ones.

We definitely want to see if we can get some more of these in the next big pack.  This type of background works really well for some of the goodly races, but not so much for characters like trolls and goblins.  As we move forward though, we’re going to see what other cool backgrounds we can get made.



That’s it for now, folks, but we’ll be back during our Kickstarter to do some focus pieces on individual cards we really really like.  We’ll see you soon!

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