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Greetings Otherworld travelers, and welcome to a very special stop along our journey.  Today, we’re going to be looking at a some old tales through a new lens, brought to you by an award-winning screenwriter and author.  If that sounds intriguing to you, read on to learn more about Odyssey Tale.

Cody Schlegel’s Odyssey Tale has been ridiculously well-received, and for good reason.  The book has something for everyone, as it leans into the best of fairy tales, myths and legends, all while treading its own path.  It’s delightful even in its darker moments, and it will keep readers on their toes.  Each of the characters could be known to the audience, though they’re shadows of the more popular versions that are known in their original works.  Here, their demeanors and motivations could be greatly changed, and it could leave a shock the first time they’re encountered, but Schlegel somehow makes everything feel exciting and electric.

Classic fairy tales collide with Greek mythology’s greatest adventure in this gritty retelling of Homer’s epic.

After a decade of wrongful imprisonment following his heroics in the Trojan War, King Otis Seehus must overcome a series of treacherous obstacles to return home to his wife and son.

Otis’s son, Mac, is nearing adulthood. Having never met his father, and despite rumors of Otis’s demise, Mac arranges for a ship and crew. Led by a wise, magical man named Jinni and a ragtag group of sailors who call themselves “Lost Boys,” the sheltered prince sets sail to find his long-lost father.

The result is a mash-up of fantastical proportions, filled with twists, turns, and nostalgia, as “once upon a time” provides the framework for reimagining one man’s journey to reunite with his family and reclaim his kingdom.

Odyssey Tale hits all the beats you expect from a retelling of Homer’s greatest adventures, but with enough surprises that will keep readers entertained throughout.  There are quite a few “Once Upon a Times” that work to great effect, and each time a reference is caught, it’s thoroughly enjoyable.  While Schlegel manages to wrap things up with a tidy bow, he was clever enough to leave things open for more exploration on behalf of his protagonists, with the possibility of a whole new cast of characters.  But before you get there, you should dive into this first book.   Check out Odyssey Tale by Cody Schlegel on Amazon today!

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