Merge Dungeon Art – Arena Humans

Howdy folks.  So, it’s been about three weeks since we last saw some snazzy Quantum Quest Merge Dungeon art.  We’ve spent some time looking at the different races of the world, but now we’re going to be looking at the most prolific race on Tellest, that being the humans.  Humans are kind of like the handshake that takes us from the “good guys” to the “bad guys” because often, humanity can be seen as either.  In the case of the generic heroes, you’ll have to make your own assumptions about what they’re all about.  Today’s art pieces are all human adventurers, but next time around, we’ll start looking at some of the “darker” races of Tellest.

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We begin today by looking at the human clerics.  In the Quantum Quest tabletop game, we pretty much established that clerics typically have spellbooks to help convey their magic, but we also decided to sort of sell the clerics with their censers here.  We have a varied set of looks, with different parts of the outfit changing color, from the robes main and secondary colors, to the draping undergarments that they have as well.  As you’ll see with all the humans in today’s post, each of the adventurers have something blocking a full view of their face.

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Next up we’ve got a quartet of human magi.  Here, it’s not just their outfits, but their weapon that changes color.  We managed to put together a few different iterations of the magi, including one that almost looks like he (or she) is made of stone.  We also removed the amulet from that one.

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Here we have another set of darker characters.  The human thieves stay in the shadows, and it made sense for the sake of the art to keep them darkened.  Of course, for the sake of the game, especially in the arena background, we need to enhance them visually a bit to bring out their highlights.  We actually have a couple different color patterns for the thieves here, as you can see, and their armor and hooded tunics can be altered separately.

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Finally, we have the human warriors.  The helmets kind of lend to a more malevelont look, don’t you think?  There’s not too much that we could do with the warriors to make them look too different from one to the other, so you’ll see our big alterations were either the shade of their armor, or the color of their capes.

We always knew our generic humans would be kind of, well, generic.  That was kind of the idea.  After all, it’s our human heroes that really have the character and personality.  In any case, next time around, we’ll have some goblins, trolls and gremlins for you, so be ready for that to drop in about three weeks!

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Michael DeAngelo

Michael is the creator of the Tellest brand of fantasy novels and stories. He is actively seeking to expand the world of Tellest to be accessible to everyone.