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Greetings Otherworld travelers, and welcome to our next stop in our journey.  Today we’re going to be looking at a LitRPG that is beginning to pick up pace and entice a lot of new fans of the genre.  Read on to learn more about Kronos Online.

If you’ve ever dreamed about escaping the troubles of your day to day life and becoming the great hero, author Mitchell Nelson has a story that might have been written just for you.  His fantasy debut is Kronos Online, a LitRPG that’s a breath of fresh air for the genre.  It presents with a bigger focus on what’s going on in the real world, giving the tale a heartier feel.  It’s a timely book, with trends pushing people’s interactions online.  Nelson isn’t afraid to show some of the cracks that exist in the foundation between his worlds, or his characters.

A new game to play.

A new world to explore.

Possibilities for disaster are endless.

Kronos Online – The long awaited fully immersive MMORPG game that has everything from near sentient Artificial intelligence to centuries of world history. Join Theo as he chooses the life of a professional player in Kronos, opting to drop out of college instead.

Though as anyone would suspect it is never so easy, Theo faces backlash from family, economic hardship and the difficulty of balancing the in-game life as well as reality.

This action meets drama set in both modern times and a virtual reality medieval fantasy will take you on a journey full of action, romance and revenge through the eyes of someone who refuses to give up no matter the odds.

Through sheer determination and hard work Theo attempts to make a name for himself in Kronos, one that even his stubborn family will have to acknowledge, and that name is – Conquest.

Each chapter ends in a way that draws you in more and more.  Nelson has fashioned a story that is addicting and immersive, whether it is what’s happening to Theo in game or outside of it.  It’s a perfect story for those who want to dream big, and see their passions turn into epic successes, although it certainly shows the struggles that one must endure as well.  Though Nelson’s book has a fantasy heartbeat, it takes care to present reality in a compelling way as well, giving this LitRPG a breath of fresh air you might not otherwise find.  With more stories from this series undoubtedly on the way, now’s a great time to pick up the debut.  Check out Kronos Online on Amazon today!  If you pick it up this weekend, between May 6th and May 9th, you’ll get it absolutely free!

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Michael DeAngelo

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