Historical Fantasy Promo – The Blood of Outcasts (The Bane Sword Trilogy Book 1)

Greetings Otherworld travelers.  It’s been a quiet week as we prepare for a seismic boom with today’s gripping historical fantasy.  Earlier this week, we had a decent amount of calm, and today is the boom.  If you’re interested, read on to learn more about The Blood of Outcasts.

Author D. A. Smith has been writing and worldbuilding for a long while, and he brings his considerable talents and experience to a head with his official debut of The Blood of Outcasts (The Bane Sword Trilogy Book 1).  It’s a gritty enough story that keeps you on the edge of your seat, but doesn’t take you too far into the darkness that you can’t see the light.  Its lead character is sometimes hard to empathize with, but she is resolute in her mission, and is ultimately the reason you keep moving along with her and the story.  You’re always looking to see what she’ll do next, and, enveloped in Smith’s clever and poetic prose, the ride you take with her is one in which you won’t want to stop.

What if spilling your own blood was the only way to save yourself?

Masako escapes the Lord Council with only her life intact, her clan shattered and master dead in wake of disaster she wrought. It is her cursed blood that cries out, and a godsborne that answers.

By the power in her blood, and a promise made with it, she’s given a second chance. With it, she must unite the outer clans, move past old rivalries and worse, or face annihilation at the hands of a foreign sect of sorcerers, the Taosii, and their silent invasion.

Only, Masako was executed, she’s meant to be dead. Demonic rumours and a destructive past sow doubt in her campaign before it is begun.

Written with words that make the story read like an epic anime fantasy set in feudal-era Japan, it’s easy to race through Smith’s debut.  And because it is set in a world where magic and monsters are possible around every corner, there are plenty of surprises to get the blood pumping along the way.  The story ends with the same excitement it begins with, and it will no doubt leave you hungry for more.  While there’s no date yet on Smith’s follow-up, this book will sate the hunger for fans of epic and historical fantasies.  Check out The Blood of Outcasts (The Bane Sword Trilogy Book 1) on Amazon today!

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