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As the final book begins winding down (only two chapters left!), the game that I’ve been working on is heating up!

Last week, Rhianna and I took some time to figure out the concept of the main character of our game, which, for now, I’ll call “Digger” just to try and retain some amount of mystery.  She had me jumping around on all fours like a baboon, which really isn’t that much of a stretch for me.  I mean, have you seen my arms?  Her sketches were impressive enough on their own, but now, we have something that we can show you.

“I just want to be held.”

World, meet Naryx.  Naryx, meet world.

As you can see, our little creature is very anxious to be starring in his own game.  He’s got a lot to learn, but then, so do I.

The good news is, my team is pretty much put together, and I couldn’t ask for better developers.  Our pixel artist is very impressive, our musician is uber talented, and the programmer… he’s definitely the glue that helps me keep everything together.

I put together an official story the other day too, and so far, the reception to it has been very good.  I can definitely see this being a game that a lot of people are going to enjoy.

Over the next few months, you’ll see me drop more tidbits of information, some art, perhaps some music, and, one of the coolest parts, a campaign, where you help out and receive rewards for your patronage.  If you’re especially interested, who knows… maybe you could even be part of the game.  More details on that later…

As I said before, there’s a lot ahead of me.  But a lot of the time, when you weather the storm, you come out bigger, stronger, hungrier on the other side…

“And I’m not even fully grown.”
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