Fantasy Story Promo – Tale of a Silver Lion: Refuge Ending

When you write your first story, it really is a magical feeling.  I don’t want to remember a time when crafting a world, or developing a character wasn’t in my life.  It’s an addicting process, perhaps only rivaled by the first time that you actually put your story out there for others.

Tale of a Silver Lion: Refuge Ending is Gene Herington’s first published tale, and it begins an ambitious written universe known as the Stonemaster Series.  You can tell that there’s a lot of thought that goes into Herington’s work too, as he effortlessly crafts a tale for his hero, Pencheval.

Landing squarely in high fantasy, Herington makes it known that he is familiar and comfortable in the genre.  Moreover, he balances his prose with action and a building story, bits of humor, and overall he leads through to a fun adventure.


ToaSL Cover



Pencheval had traveled to the Emerald Refuge to get away from the life of a Silver Lion Adept. Being part of a guild of mercenaries and bounty hunters was wearing hard upon him. But he quickly found the slower pace of contemplation in the quiet valley dull, and accepted the contract he should not have taken.

It seemed easy enough work for one skilled in sword and magic. All he had to do was accompany a patrol and assess a threat. Instead, he found a scourge strong enough to lay waste to the Emerald Refuge, and it will take everything he has to even survive the night.


This first foray into the writing game has definitely stoked my interest in Herington’s work.  My hope is that we get to see more from the Stonemaster series soon.  If you’re interested in Tale of a Silver Lion: Refuge Ending, check it out on Amazon.  As of this writing, it is part of a free promotion for two days!


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