Art: Adelia Kreegan

Adelia is fast becoming one of my favorite heroes to put on display. She carries a sense of whimsy to a series that can be dark and cold, yet she’s able to hold her own against whatever odds come her way.

Today, we introduce a new piece of art for our favorite sorceress, in addition to a new artist we hope to work with for a long while.  John Becaro is another artist from the Phillipines (like Joman Mercado), and he does work in an excellent superhero-esque style that I really dig.  So when we found out that he had some commission slots open, we picked up a pair, and he set to work on Adelia.

His first sketch came through, and we could see that he definitely put his personal touches on it.  I’ve modified it a little bit for visibility. Originally, it was done in pencil, so this makes it a little easier to see:


ADELIA_Mageborn_sketch wip visibility



After that, he put a little bit of color to the picture.  It’s a flat look, but you can really tell where he’s going with the final piece.


ADELIA_Mageborn color flats wip



And while I think that’s really decent already, John really blew us away with his grand finale.  It’s amazing what a little shading and an awesome background can do!





This is the oldest look that we have for Adelia, besides what we’ve seen on the cover of The Bindings of Fate.  It’s a far cry from the meek thing we saw in Mageborn!


We’re looking forward to more from John Becaro, but I hope this tides you over until then!

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Michael DeAngelo

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