Fantasy Promo – The Mystery of the High Maiden: An Epic Fantasy Adventure Saga (Marhanyam Children of All Book 1)

Greetings travelers, and welcome to another trip into the Otherworld.  I have got a treat like no other for you today.  I was introduced to this series recently, and I am just blown away by how much thought and care has gone into it, and I know that it will appeal to many of the people who love grand epics set in expansive worlds.  Read on to learn more about The Mystery of the High Maiden.

From the moment one turns the first page of The Mystery of the High Maiden, the first book in the Marhanyam Children of All series, they will know that they are in for an experience not to be missed.  It is a rich and complex fantasy set in world which is saturated with greater detail, little secrets, and culture and language that immerses readers.  And it could only be achieved by an author who is clearly passionate about the material and the genre.  In that case, Ujwal Vujjini becomes the hero that fantasy so often needs, bringing a lively experience to readers that comes so far and few between.  From creating his own constructed language, to nailing down such specific details of his world of Ārhmanhaḥ, Vujjini shows his mastery in the art of worldbuilding.  Simply put, he stands among giants.

The first book in a new epic fantasy series called Marhanyam.

An enthralling adventurous tale, Mystery of the High Maiden is set in an era long gone, unraveling the brilliant adventures of a cursed child in the fantastical world of Arhmanah. A macrocosmic epic fantasy book containing a large cast of carefully crafted characters.

The story is about Tumbmar, whose unheeding parents brought shame upon a great sage and ultimately paid a terrible price. The toll was their son’s loss to a normal life; to be exiled from his home and become an adventurer on reaching boyhood. On realizing his injustice, the sage promises to aid the yet unborn child in his toilsome life.

When several years pass and Tumbmar reaches boyhood, the great sage returns in the boy’s life and tutors him for the road ahead. The twelve-year-old would venture forth from his home, embarking on a journey that would change not only the fate of his world, but the ones of his dearest companions. Not least, the mysterious maiden he found under a tree.

What awaits them is the expansive world of adventure, intrigue, mystical gods and mythical demons.

Vujjini’s characters, too, stand in the path of greatness, though there are different implications there.  Tumbmar is an interesting character by the nature of his origin and his destiny, but he also must serve as a vehicle to bring us all the rich details in the author’s world.  In many cases, it would be easy to lose oneself to the magic and mystery of the the universe around the main character, but Vujjini strikes a balance that keeps the story going without lingering anywhere too long.  Instead, after spending an appropriate amount of time staring at the beauty and vastness of Ārhmanhaḥ in the beginning of the story, readers are treated to glances among their time with Tumbmar and the rest of the ensemble as they explore Vujjini’s great and fantastic world, and leave their mark upon it.  Check out The Mystery of the High Maiden: An Epic Fantasy Adventure Saga (Marhanyam Children of All Book 1) on Amazon today!

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