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Greetings travelers, and welcome to our first stop in the Otherworld for the week.  We begin with a world of bright imagination, which harkens back to some of the best known fantasies, like those written by Tolkien.  But, today’s book certainly carves its own path.  Read on to learn more about The Legend of Misty Mountains.

Author Shiva Sethuraman brings an amazing world to bear with his debut, The Legend of Misty Mountains.  It’s a play on some of the more classic fantasy that fans enjoy, from Lord of the Rings, to the tales of Merlin and Arthur.  Here, however, the author puts twists on the tropes and character archetypes that have grown stale, instilling new life into his tale.  The author’s love for fantasy and magic are seen in the words of every page, and you can tell that he’s passionate about the world he’s built here.  Misty Mountains has flowery descriptions that bring Sethurman’s world to life, alongside a depth of lore and legends that beg to be explored.

The first of an exciting new series about a magical land and the people who inhabit them.

Misty Mountains is a magical abode nestled among the clouds and inhabited by The Strange People. It had been established by the Lightning Strikers and the Magicians who have lived in peaceful coexistence for the last ten years. The Strikers possess the incredible power to create lightning, thunder and rain. The Strikers wield their power without restraint and have no desire to help the Earthly People living below.

The Magicians possess sublime skills and knowledge. They visualize a world where the Misty Mountaineers and Earthly People live in close contact with each other, benefitting from each other’s knowledge.

The Magicians suspect that the source of the Strikers’ immense power lies in a hidden gemstone. The Magicians decide to acquire the gemstone and use its powers to help the Earthly People living below. Do they succeed? What happens if they fail?

The readers start on a magical journey of Misty Mountains which involves the Strikers, Magicians, dwarves, the Wise Ones, an imposing tower and a hidden gemstone.

The readers are faced with the question: if the Magicians don’t succeed then who will in their quest?

The Legend of Misty Mountains is a tale of a clash between two conflicting beliefs, Of good vs evil, Of courage, vision, compassion and hope on one side and hatred, deceit, hostility and treachery on the other…

The Legend of Misty Mountains is marketed to younger readers, but fantasy fans of all ages will enjoy the magic that Sethurman conjures in the first book of his series.  And while the book is a brisk read—yet, fully realized, and very well-paced—there is hope for a return to the lands of the Misty Mountains, as Sethurman makes it clear that this is only the initial stop on the adventure.  With that in mind, there’s no better time than the present to dive into this new quest.  Click here to check out The Legend of Misty Mountains on Amazon today!

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