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Greetings fantasy fans.  It’s been a relatively quiet week, but we’ve just been holding out to deliver you an awesome sendoff into the weekend.  It’s an atypical sort of fantasy that has the potential to enthrall, and today is just the day to pick it up.  Read on to learn more about Vaeleren Redsteel.

It only takes reading a few pages to realize that this fantasy story by Justin Rhodes is unlike most that fans of the genre will be prepared for.  But The Illusions of Vaeleren Redsteel is a tale and an experience not to be missed.  First and foremost, right from the get-go, readers will be shocked by the events that set the story in motion.  Surrounding these events are a tremendous amount of rich details about the world and the history of its heroes.  Rhodes paints between the lines of these details with the emotions of his powerful cast, from delightful humor, to more heartrending stuff.  He ties it all together with thrilling scenes involving his characters, who readers will grow close to, always wondering about their dilemmas and hoping for a happy ending.

Ever since Vaeleren was little, she’s always wanted to be a hero and have books written about her just like her great-grandfather. She knows in her heart that she’s destined for greatness, especially since she’s been able to create illusions from a young age. The only problem is her father, Aldric, has always been content with his sedentary life and never lets Vaeleren venture too far from home…

Until a malicious stranger comes to town and her life is changed forever. Finding her father cursed by powerful magic, Vaeleren knows what she has to do: travel with her father in search of a cure while using her powers to mask his curse. She can finally be the hero she’s always wanted to be.

Vaeleren will soon learn, however, that things are not always what they seem and what she wants will come at a cost she might not be willing to pay.

Between dastardly schemes, captivating magic, and emotional payoff, Justin Rhodes has a story that does it all.  It doesn’t take long for Vaeleren and Aldric to hook readers, and have them interested in their tale.  Rhodes writes his chapters so that they are developed in a way that makes the reader feel quickly rewarded, and eager to keep going.  For his debut fantasy, the author has put together a sizable book that still leaves fans hungry for more in the best way possible.  Check out The Illusions of Vaeleren Redsteel on Barnes and Noble today!  Or, if you’re interested in the paperback version, you can purchase it on Lulu!

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