Fantasy Promo – The Forest War (War of Erithanor Book 1)

Greetings fantasy fans.  Congratulations!  You’ve made it through to the middle of the week.  As your reward, today we’ve got what could be your new favorite fantasy.  Read on to learn more about The Forest War.

Take a look at the debut fantasy of author Chris Gibson, and you’ll know you’re in for a rip-roaring time.  The Forest War (War of Erithanor Book 1) moves along at a brisk pace, with great storytelling filling each page.  Gibson’s tale could have just looked at the impending danger coming to the forest, but it looks to the past as well, and hints at the tapestry that the author is working toward.  The book shows a little corner of a grander world, and one that ought to be exciting to explore further.  Leading readers along the tale are characters that are multidimensional, who feel real, and keep fans immersed in the growing conflict.

A young forest ranger. A home under attack. War on the horizon.

Orthar leads the rangers in the peaceful and magical Vestree forest. Everything is in order as it had always been until he discovers their crops, the main source of food for he and his people, are under attack and rapidly rotting away. People that can’t eat can’t fight. So Orthar along with his friends form a vengeful army to overthrow the evil centaur warrior-king, Srimon. Will Orthar be able to win this war and save his home?

If you or a fantasy reader you know are interested in a fantasy tale that feels fresh, even with roots in traditional fare, don’t sleep on this one.  It’s perfect for young and new adults who love a good adventure.  The Forest War ends satisfyingly enough, but Gibson leaves the promise of at least one more campaign, with hope of returning to the world he’s built and traveling alongside his captivating characters at least one more time.  With that in mind, there’s no better time than now to pick up this wonderful fantasy debut.  Check out The Forest War (War of Erithanor Book 1) on Amazon today!

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Michael DeAngelo

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