Fantasy Promo – The Fallen Heir (William of Alamore Series Book 3)

Welcome back, fantasy fans, to our second promo of the week, and our third visit to C. J. R. Isely’s world.  If you’re into sprawling worlds with tremendous possibilities, you’ll love what we’ve got in store for you today.  Read on to learn more about The Fallen Heir.

It’s been just over two years since author C. J. R. Isely began her William of Alamore series, and for some, these past years couldn’t speed by soon enough.  The third book in her series, The Fallen Heir, is finally on its way, and it is as captivating as the first two.  This coming of age series is coming to a point where William is no longer a lad.  He’s dealing with more important and weightier decisions, and can’t lean on others to make the right call for him and his friends any longer.  In that way, since it’s right on the cusp of young adult, it’s really a book that is ideal for many ages.  Younger fantasy fans will enjoy the first two books, but the series is written in such a way that it can be picked up by anyone, and it will entice and enthrall regardless.

The price of a crown is high,

It may even cost his life…

Though peace has settled over Alamore, dangers are far from gone. The arrival of a messenger brings with it the promise of war as Shadow Dale calls for help. Will and his friends finds themselves riding for battle. But Will is certain that things are not all that they appear.

The reappearance of an old friend brings a chilling secret; an assassin is hunting the heir of Alamore… and worst of all, Will and his friends may be the only one who can stop the crown from falling.

But to save the crown means they must race this unknown killer as they travel through new lands, facing new dangers, and not knowing if, or when, they might make it back to Alamore.

After all, to make it back to Alamore, they must first survive…

This gripping third installment in the William of Alamore series plunges the reader through pages of new adventures, familiar friends, and brings with it answers to secrets kept so long in the dark.

If you enjoyed Ranger of Kings and The Cutthroat Prince, make sure you don’t miss this action-packed adventure to new lands with William, Rowan, and Colin.

Isely’s books are well-received and gaining popularity, and it’s easy to see why.  After spending some time in this new tale, it is looking more and more like the author will be able to keep up her stunning track record, all while expanding her world and opening up new possibilities.  There is still plenty to learn of the author’s rich world, as this takes us as far as we’ve been from the initial tales featuring William of Alamore.  It’s perfect for fans who are itching to know more.  While you’re reading the first two books in the series, make sure you pick up Isely’s latest.  Check out The Fallen Heir (William of Alamore Series Book 3) on Amazon today!

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