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Howdy folks.  It’s always nice to catch up with an old friend.  A return to the Otherworld is just as exciting, especially when you can see how much that other world has grown.  Today we’ll be taking a trip back to C.B. Samet’s wonderful book The Avant Champion: Rising, the first in a captivating series that you’ll want to dive into.

C.B. Samet has made a name for herself across nearly thirty books in the last several years, and she’s earned plenty of awards for her diligence, her craftsmanship, and her imagination.  The first book we were introduced to was the compelling first in a series, The Avant Champion: Rising.  She’s since followed up with three books in the main series (with another coming on the way), as well as some spin-off material.  Samet effortlessly blends together great world-building, tremendous character development and an adventure you won’t want to let go of.

When Marrington Castle is overtaken by a dark and ancient evil, Abigail Cross finds herself in the precarious situation of protecting Queen Rebekah.  Abigail travels the continent with a monk and a healer as they seek to find the artifacts to raise a legendary warrior. But an army of monsters hunts them, and time is of the essence.  Abigail faces impossible odds in raging waterfalls, dark caves, and icy mountain cliffs. Amidst the perilous challenges, Abigail’s resolve to summon the Avant Champion solidifies.  But can she make the daunting and necessary sacrifices?

Will Abigail save the kingdom or doom everyone to everlasting devastation?

Abigail never thought she’d have to save her country. But when the queen’s servant faces a rising evil, she’ll have to learn quickly to survive. Adventure, magic, and suspense packed into an EVVY award-winning​ fantasy novel. Find your inner champion.

Samet writes strong, satisfying characters who show dynamic growth across her books.  Employing a mix of adventure, intrigue and romance, the author puts together tales that are fun and inspiring.  Readers will no doubt tear through the story, eager to get to the next one.  If you’re looking for a great epic fantasy series to get started on, this one’s for you.  Check out The Avant Champion: Rising on Amazon today!

By the way, there’s an even better reason to quickly pick up your copy.  Through the end of this week The Avant Champion: Rising is free on Amazon.  Get moving quick before this deal is gone!

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