Fantasy Promo – Sirenhawk Book 1: Misborn of the Snowy Reaches

Hello again, fantasy fans!  I’m so happy to say that this year has been awesome for us and our collaborators.  We have a handful of the most awesome allies, and they’re continuing to write stories that are beyond enchanting.

About six weeks ago, we had the pleasure of showing off L.E.Parr’s new series, Sirenhawk.  Misborn of the Snowy Reaches is an awesome Shapeshifter tale, but it’s only the first book in a series that Parr has already put a lot of work into.  The sequel is right around the corner.  It’s good to know where to begin, and Misborn of the Snowy Reaches is one heck of a start.  With a wonderful medley of adventure, humor, and sexual tension, this opening tale will get you ready for the other books in the series to follow.

Iceria, Ice, is a hawk-human shapeshiifter. It’s Ice’s job to protect the Northern Corridor from the hereditary enemy of the sirenhawks, the deadly she’ravens. Iceria’s sisters consider her a little odd. She is a literal thinker, she loves shiny baubles and jewelry and her favorite book is an old English dictionary. In human form, Ice and all her kind are sirens of myth and legend. As the battle against the deadly she’ravens escalates, Ice discovers two things about herself. The first, she has a warrior’s heart and the second, she’s capable of falling in love in a very human way.

The Sirenhawk series is certain to delight fans of shapeshifters and urban fantasy.  Parr does an excellent job of bringing these new characters to bear, and instantly has another win on her hands. Don’t forget that the second book in the series, Misborn of the Wildling River, is right around the corner.  There’s no better way to get prepped for it than to bury your nose in the first book in the series.  Check out Sirenhawk Book 1: Misborn of the Snowy Reaches on Amazon today!

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Michael DeAngelo

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