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Illustrated fantasy tales are in hard to come by, so when one comes around, you can bet I pay attention.  It’s better still when it’s free. There are certain things that just end up rolling together to make an instant classic.

Twenty reviews can’t be wrong.  With over four-and-a-half stars, Logan Marsh is a grand slam with readers.  Authors Jonathan Casif and Sneer Rosenfeld have built a great camaraderie that led to the creation of this much adored character, and the adventures that she leads a band of heroes with real traits and grey areas to try and save a kingdom.  It’s a brilliant fantasy that feels like it was inspired by the Forgotten Realms books.


Logan Marsh, a young female elf, reunites a group of past heroes to battle the dreadful Hubris, the forceful evil elf who has tried to killed her father and now threatens to take over the kingdom with his dark army of Dark-Elves, Soldjas, Goblins and Undeads.

The heroes face mightychallenges on their quest after a magical Horn, hidden in a deserted castle in a sunken city. Will they reach the talisman before the dark forces lay their hands on it and use if for their evil plan?

Logan March joins forces with Mage Choop Krunch, a good-heatred Lutin and a talented sorcerer, and the mysterious Highmage Scroo, head of the royal Sorcerer Academy who if famous for fighting a dragon. With them is Alystus, the commander of the Royal Guard and Van-Sniff, a mighty but awfully crude warrior. Each with his special talents and weak spots, they are all ready for danger and hungry for adventure.

Dunlop, a passionate reporter, half human half elf, follows them, eager to report any exciting events. With him joins Serdamus, a tiny Gnome who documents these fantastic events in his graceful sketch illustrations. The events are captured in the beautiful rimes of Francois De-Fontain Fantastick, also known as “De-Stik”, a cheerful and charming Bard, a harper and a poet.

You can’t beat free, especially with a book that’s been crafted with this much love.  Casif and Rosenfeld put their hearts and souls into this release (and spruced it up with art by Avi Katz), and they’re putting it out into the world.  If you’re excited by the prospect of this story, consider purchasing it on Amazon!

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Michael DeAngelo

Michael is the creator of the Tellest brand of fantasy novels and stories. He is actively seeking to expand the world of Tellest to be accessible to everyone.