Fantasy Promo – Layla and the Golden Flower (The Golden Flower Saga Book 1)

Greetings, travelers!  Welcome to our first stop in the Otherworld of the week.  If you’ve been looking for another excuse to dive into a portal fantasy to a fun and expressive world, we have got you covered.  Read on to learn more about Layla and the Golden Flower.

Author Aida Mestour breathes life into her debut, Layla and the Golden Flower (The Golden Flower Saga Book 1), by focusing on what is at the heart of the story.  The power of emotions is almost as powerful as magic here, and the author is adept at pulling the curtain back from Layla and allowing readers to immerse themselves in her experiences.  Indeed, readers will find themselves attached to all of the characters that Mestour introduces, and to the world, first introduced with a twist of whimsy as Layla finds a brief peek of it in her youth.  But the author has a way of bringing magic and majesty to the world we’re familiar with as well.

The first time Layla met the magical and mysterious Aezra, she was just a child lost in the woods. Two decades later, convinced their encounter was only a dream worthy of the childish imagination, she finds herself whisked away into a parallel world; a world full of magic, beauty, harmony and adventure.

What she finds is everything she has been looking for – love, family, belonging – but fate moves her down a dangerous path. In the kingdom of Bhumi, she is forced to enter the Sanctuary – a place where all the women are sent to conquer the power of enchanted mystical flowers.

They’ve had their entire lives to prepare for the challenges that lie ahead…and Layla just got there. Danger lurks on every side and difficulties lie in every direction.

Facing the seemingly impossible task of taming the Golden Flower, Layla soon finds herself at the limit of her emotional and physical endurance.

Will she ever defeat the Golden Flower or will she fail and lose the challenge—and worse—her life?

A novel of pain, of life lessons, of the world around us and the world inside us, of taking care of ourselves and always – always – pressing forward to our goals. Fantasy, romance and adventure collide in this thrilling saga.

With as grand an adventure as this, the author’s debut moves quickly, though it strikes a careful balance, making sure that readers don’t miss the opportunity to linger about here and there to learn about the world.  Mestour knows how to write fun surprises and cliffhangers, helping to zigzag with her pacing, and keeping readers on their toes.  This tale is an attention-grabbing portal fantasy that won’t let go, even after you turn the final page.  Luckily, it looks like the author has every intention of following up with Layla and Aezra, meaning there’s no better time than now to dive into this wonderful series.  Check out Layla and the Golden Flower (The Golden Flower Saga Book 1) on Amazon today!

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Michael DeAngelo

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