Art Grab Bag – Relic Gladiator and Fire Shrine Concept

Hi folks!  This is just going to be a real quick one today.  Every now and again I get a few things that I can show off, but they don’t really have enough of a home to be its own post, so I throw them together.  In today’s case, it’s going to be a quick look at something that sort of fell through, because the artist I was working with wasn’t able to communicate with me any longer.  He sort of disappeared off the face of the planet, which was a shame because I was having a lot of fun.

In any case, this gladiator that he gave us was the last piece of art that Serathus ever sent our way.  We were beginning to work our way toward the concepts of a fun little beat-em-up that was going to tie into one of my other projects, but that looks to be on hold for now.

Along the way, we began working with another artist named Fabian Klejewski who was going to create concept art for our game as well.  The shame of it is, because of the work we stopped with Serathus, Fabian never really got a fair shot.  Hopefully in the future, when things work out, we can get back together again.  He did end up getting us this awesome fire shrine concept, which we’ll actually first see in Wild Magic, so that’s fun!

That’s it for today, but I hope you liked these quick peeks at some of the pieces that we’ve worked on that sort of slipped through the cracks.  Fingers crossed we get to reconnect with these artists again at some point!

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