Fantasy Promo – Herlot of Alonia: A Medieval Fantasy Series (The Herlot of Alonia Series Book 1)

Greetings Otherworld travelers, and welcome to our first stop of the week.  It is absolutely looking like it’s going to be another jam-packed set of adventures over the next few days, and it’s always great to start such a bustling week with a wonderful first foray into fantasy.  We hope you’re ready, as we learn more about Herlot of Alonia.

The debut of author Maria Rosestone is a true joy for those who have adventure, joy, and whimsy in their hearts.  The author of Herlot of Alonia, the first in a series, paints pictures of her world with beautiful literary brushstrokes, whether they’re witnessed firsthand by the titular heroine, or passed down secondhand by the entrancing Devotio, a character who often steals the show.  Magic and lore abounds in this release, which often feels like it is setting the stage for the additional stories that we’re bound to see.  It’s because of this that Rosestone leaves Herlot’s world feeling rich and lived in, a true representation of a place that wasn’t just imagined, but conjured and given sweeping characteristics and intricate design.

Experience a heroine’s journey through magic, battle, and ancient secrets in HERLOT OF ALONIA, the first book in a medieval fantasy series.

In the small village of Alonia, tucked away in the kingdom of Eraska, a baby girl named Herlot is born into the world beneath a full moon and a grove of willow trees. Herlot is healthy and clearly touched by magic, which forever marks her as an outsider. The people of Alonia worry that the strange events that surround Herlot mean she is a bad omen, but Herlot learns to rely on her imagination and makes new friends, like the unicorn Devotio, folding herself into the magical world around her.

“No matter what happens, the stars can see you….You’re never alone.”

Just as Herlot turns eighteen and has found her place in her village, the kingdom of Eraska is invaded by the evil King Felix–a man willing to perform unspeakable acts in his search for a source of power to conquer all. It is time for Herlot to find her voice, embrace her magic, and save her people.

Rosestone takes care to set the pieces on the board, but when things get moving, it’s paced perfectly to keep readers engaged and immersed, eager to find out what happens next.  Before readers know it, they’ll be ready to continue along with Herlot as she continues her adventure.  This isn’t the end of her story, and it’s not the end for Rosestone as she works on the next chapter of her series.  Now is a great time to pick up her grand debut.  Check out Herlot of Alonia: A Medieval Fantasy Series (The Herlot of Alonia Series Book 1) on Amazon today!

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