Fantasy Promo – Fariidinus Book 6 – Lights and Shadows

Wrapping up our month of Fariidinus coverage, we know what you’ve come for.  L.E.Parr has been hard at work with a new series, but she isn’t leaving fans of her debut one in the cold.  The sixth book in the Fariidinus series, Lights and Shadows, released just last month, and it continues the legacy that Parr has created while introducing new twists and turns.

Parr is also a master of balancing not just multiple storylines that come together, but also moods and elements of storytelling.  Fariidinus has always been magical (and the Heartland continues to be in this latest release), but we also see real life sewn into the lines of the tale that make it come to life even more.  Parr excels at making you feel for her characters, and for Lights and Shadows, there’s no exception.

Shannon, a human girl recovering from the terrible car accident that took her mother’s life arrives in the Heartland where she is confronted with the impossible. She makes friends among the wyr and the nixla and enters into the most compelling relationship of her life when a heartbroken bloodcat chooses her for a complement.

Lights and Shadows is a worthy entry in this storied series. It’s rich with storytelling and world-building, as is usual for Parr, but the beating heart of the tale is the emotional journey that Shannon goes on.  Parr does an excellent job of taking her readers through a tragedy to see the beautiful outcome.  If you enjoyed the Fariidinus series thus far, there’s no reason to delay.  Pick up Lights and Shadows on Amazon today!

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