Fantasy Promo – Fariidinus Book 4, Glissin

In continuing our “Fariidinus Month” coverage of L.E.Parr’s lethal fairy series, we’ve crossed over from one trilogy into the beginning of the next.  Most people who want to write never get started.  Of those who do, most of them stop after their first book.  Parr waves her hand and she’s got not only one trilogy done, but an additional trilogy after that that takes her readers deeper into the lore of her world (not to mention another series entirely besides).

In Glissin, Aramix is the half-blood daughter of a farii and a human.  It’s a clever and compelling way to take the original groundwork that Parr spent the first three books developing in order to venture down avenues the readers hadn’t had the opportunity to yet.  As always though, Parr is a champion storyteller who gives Glissin a chance to shine.  The Heartland grows ever more vast, and Parr takes a new character and elevates her to awesome new heights.


ARAMIX is the half human-half fariidinus daughter of Ayleen and Ian. She was born to support the Heartland’s chosen queane, but, as her glissin talents have matured so has her temper and sense of injustice. To protect Kirin, Aramix has been raised at the Lighthouse. When the nixla, who can shield Kirin from Aramix’s ability to tap into a queane’s deadly power, fall ill with a virulent plague, Aramix is able to reach through the mist and ignite the fire inside Kirin. Several Houses seize the opportunity to rise against the weakened queane. Stone orders Aramix back to the Heartland and into the custody of Arkana, the glissin PrimeMother.

Glissin is lovely foray into the Heartland and the Fariidinus books.  L.E.Parr didn’t miss a step as she stepped from one trilogy into the next.  She consistently delivers wonderful character stories within the greater lore of a growing world.  You’ll be eager to turn every new page, and before you know it, you’ll be ready for the next book.  This series is one that you have a hard time putting down, even four books in.  Continue your journeys through the Fariidinus books.  Pick up Glissin on Amazon today!


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