Character Art – Garreth Quarl

We’ve got an interesting treat for you today.  We show off a lot of Tellest artwork, but it’s nice to give Quantum Quest some love, too.  Today, I get to show off my favorite character, done up in the style of Hozure!

We had some pretty cool poses to start us off with, but as always, we had to narrow it down to just one.  Can you guess which one we went with?

So, this was a cool little bit of miscommunication.  Garreth is an undead hunter, but depending on how you read that, you might get a different notion of him.  He’s not undead—he hunts the undead.  He’s sort of like a gnoll version of Simon Belmont.  Still, this version of him is pretty cool.  Can’t wait to eventually do the Tellest zombies event graphic novel.

A little tweak here and there brings our gnoll back to life.  Hunting the dead isn’t easy though, so he’s still got tatters in his clothes (and rightly so).

Here you can see the complete version of Garreth in all his splendor.  What do you think?  Are you excited for the other QQ characters to be done up in this style?

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Michael DeAngelo

Michael is the creator of the Tellest brand of fantasy novels and stories. He is actively seeking to expand the world of Tellest to be accessible to everyone.