Fantasy Promo – Fariidinus Book 3: Battle Queane

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to another edition of books from the Otherworld.  We’ve been paying a lot of attention to one author in particular lately, and we’re so excited to feature her on Tellest yet again.  L.E.Parr has been crushing it with her Fariidinus series, and it’s time to give you a new taste of that universe.

Book 3 in Parr’s lethal fairy series is Battle Queane.  It ends an amazing first trilogy, and features the rejuvenated fariidinus Kirin, who must bring all of the force she can against the villainous highmother Letal.


The war in the Heartland is in full swing with Letal sending legions of radicalized fariidinus against Kirin and Stone’s undermanned army. It’s a valiant fight with more losses than victories. Kirin, already a converted battle queane, is changing again. She has developed a poisonous venom in her wings that can kill Letal but to deliver the poison, Letal must be in her arms.  As Kirin continues to become stronger as a weapon, her physical body is weakening. The inevitable face to face confrontation with Letal is terrifying Stone and their loyal supporters who question Kirin’s ability to survive such an encounter.  But, everyone knows that there is no other way to defeat Letal.

Battle Queane is the perfect end to this trilogy, but don’t fret.  There is another trilogy on the way—in fact, the fourth book, Glissin, is already out.  For now, though, there’s no better time than the present to catch up on the end of Kirin’s incredible journey.  Why not check out Battle Queane on Amazon today?

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Michael DeAngelo

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