Fantasy Promo – Fariidinus Book 2, Sisters of the Blood

Hello folks!  Today, we’re looking once again at L.E.Parr’s Fariidinus series.  This second book about the beautiful-but-lethal fairies, Sister of the Blood, leaned into all the talent that Parr displayed in the first book and cranked it up to 11.

While she was learning how to climb to her feet in the first book, in Sisters of the Blood Kirin stands tall as a compelling and lively protagonist.  The fate of her world is in her hands, and Parr gives her all the tools she needs in order to be up to the task.  The story is written with beautiful eloquence, and will have you ready to turn every page to see how the Heartland will survive the deadly encounters to come.

Kirin and Stone have returned to the Heartland where she has been given sanctuary by the wyrMaster in the Red Valley. Her unprecedented return from exile has polarized the great Houses and enraged the evil HighMother. A divided Heartland quickly becomes embroiled in a fiery civil war with Stone leading the combined armies with their new ally–the winged telepathic bloodcats. Kirin becomes the deadly weapon she was resurrected from exile to be.

With one book, it could be argued that you were just lucky, or that you’ve exhausted all your creative endeavors on that debut title.  L.E.Parr proves that lightning can strike twice (six times, actually, if you count the four that follow this book).  She balances everything you need in a fantasy tale to make it stand out while leaving room to grow in the future.  If these deadly fairies seem to beckon you, give this book and the Fariidinus series a try.  Check out Sisters of the Blood on Amazon today!

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Michael DeAngelo

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