Fantasy Promo – The Defiled and the Second Son

Well hello there, fans of fantasy.  It has been a tremendously long time since we’ve been able to line up a visit to the Otherworld.  Since we ran the latest Kickstarter, it’s been almost nothing but work, work and more work.  But we were able to step away and get back into other fantasy authors work in a big way.

That “big” isn’t just a randomly chosen word, by the way.  B.J. Leonard’s The Defiled and the Second Son is a huge volume, and her debut novel.  Leonard hits all the right beats as well.  The romance is sure to appeal to fans of the genre, introducing several suitors for Elan without making her appear trashy.  It also perfectly balances the line between fantasy and reality, giving the tale a genuine feel.



River Jamison is nothing more than Elan Taylor’s new landscaper until he begins showing up in her life…everywhere.

He’s incredibly beautiful, wields shocking powers, and claims she’s in peril.

But she’s ignoring him.

River’s agenda to win her over conflicts with Sky, the handsome new teacher at school, and Bay, an attractive barista at the local coffee shop. Independent and realistic, Elan is suddenly overrun by mesmerizing charm. These men are pictures of perfection, but something isn’t right. The strange coincidences and unexplainable events keep piling up.

Time is running out for Elan to decide what to believe, whom to believe, or if she believes anything at all. If only one wrong turn didn’t bring such devastating consequences…

An urban fantasy romance, this massive book is sure to appeal to fans of sweeping epic fantasies.  Leonard knocks it out of the park with her debut title, and considering its depth, you really don’t find this kind of value that often.

If you love the sound of The Defiled and the Second Son, pick it up on Amazon today.  For more from B. J. Leonard, head over to her website!

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Michael DeAngelo

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