Fantasy Promo – The Banished lands

Howdy folks!  The cold weather is here, so it’s a fantastic time to stay inside and bundle up beside a nice book.  It’s even better if you can find one that starts off a lengthy and complete series, which—wouldn’t you know it—we have for you today!

Benjamin Mester is a writer and storyteller who you can tell loves language and wordplay.  There is a poetry to his saga, and The Banished Lands is a fantastic start to a lovely 4-book series.  He knows how to write compelling characters, and you’ll fall for them right away.  While their journey is fraught with perils, The Banished Lands is also uplifting and filled with hope, courage and valor.

A kingdom in danger and an ancient secret that could change everything. The old world is gone but the final lines of the farewell poem of the last king could prove to be more than it seems:

The world and all its light shall fade;
I’ll stay with her beneath the shade
And wait until the world’s remade…

Something is creeping at the fringes of the world. Is it just the talk of frightened villagers? Or is it something more? Join us in this entirely new fantasy world. The Banished Lands combines the best of epic fantasy, fairy tale, mythology, poetry, romance and mystery. If you love a good old-fashioned story, The Banished Lands will deliver on your expectations.

A mysterious fog blankets the forest just outside the town of Suriya. A dark plot unfolds as Durian and his friends discover ties between a strange wanderer and the warlike barbarian kingdom far to the north. Are the mysterious things happening in the forest a prelude to invasion? What happens next will propel Durian and his friends into the middle of an unsolved riddle a dozen centuries in the making. This book is safe for kids of all ages.

You can tell when a storyteller is passionate about their work.  Mester dives in with these books and delivers something that’s interesting and uplifting.  It has it’s fair share of mystery and unraveling omens that will have you flipping pages too.  Before you know it, you’ll be ready to jump into the second book.  For now though, why not start at the beginning?  Check out The Banished Lands on Amazon today!

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Michael DeAngelo

Michael is the creator of the Tellest brand of fantasy novels and stories. He is actively seeking to expand the world of Tellest to be accessible to everyone.